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Imran or Mohammad Imran Tahir was born on 27 March 1979. Imran is a retired Pakistani-born South African cricketer who professionally is a spin bowler. Imran majorly bowls googlies and a right-handed batsman. He has played South Africa in all three forms of cricket. When Tahir performed as a bowler on 15 June 2016, he took seven wickets in the ODI, and hence he was the first South African bowler to make such a record.


Tahir made several such records which brought him appreciation from all around the world.


Today we will get to know Tahir's life by analyzing his planetary placement.


Imran Tahir's Character


Based on the astrological analysis, it can be said that Imran was born with a silver spoon. His bright stars make him a generous person who has a kind heart and sympathy toward the needy ones. He is the kind of man one can rely on in a time of need. Nature-wise, Imran is disciplined, which can also be seen in his work, dress sense, and overall personality.


His birth star makes him a bold person who will be determined toward his goals and achieve whatever he wants. He will be a good leader, and his big heart would make people inclined to him. Imran would always want great things for him and would work for his dreams day and night; he doesn't get bothered about insignificant or petty details as he always focuses on the big picture.


Tahir will be a man with great confidence having an optimistic approach toward life. For him, life is a field of opportunities that we need to grab to become successful. For him, things will always turn out well, and he will get answers to all his prayers. The person will achieve the fruit of his every effort, and he would find positivity even while fighting against the odds of life.


Tahir is an emotional man, and he can tolerate others if there is a need. However, he also understands practicality and can choose to be practical over emotional. In life, Tahir would have a philosophical attitude which would also help him navigating through several difficulties. 


Imran Tahir would make his world full of luxuries; he would have everything he wants. Due to the zest of achieving something, he would be an inspiration to many that the positive energy can be felt around him. However, Tahir may lose interest in his studies as he might not concentrate or fight his clashing state of mind.


When such hurdles surround his mind, he should think that only when he has proper education can he achieve things. This thinking will assist him in studying with an increased focus. Imran should form a proper schedule, and if he follows it regularly, no one can stop him from scoring high in academics. To memorize the chapters better, he should learn by breaking the topic into parts.


Imran Tahir's Health


Tahir's life would give him no major trouble only if he is mindful about his health. He would live a long life if he watches over the discomforts and resolves them timely with the help of his doctor. In his life, indigestion and rheumatism can be two major troubles for which he needs to be careful.


Tahir should always indulge in mindful eating and consume a balanced diet. He should not put oily and spicy food into his system, which can worsen digestion. He should have his meals in peaceful surroundings with a clear mind and at the right time. Tahir may be prone to rheumatism; he should maintain distance from cold winds, damp air, or getting his feet wet.


Imran Tahir 2021 Horoscope


In the current year, Tahir might feel stressed out due to his spouse's health which would not be sound. He may also suffer in his profession as things might get difficult with his seniors and authorities. The planetary situation for 2021 is not fruitful for Imran, which would make him face complications in almost every aspect of life.


Tahir would also face difficulties with offspring-related things. There might be misunderstandings in the relationship, and arguments might take place often. It is advised that Imran shouldn't commence a clash on silly things and try to solve the confusion with patience and a clear mind. This year he should take extra care of his mental health other than physical wellbeing. Read more on About Imran Tahir Birth Chart  or Natal Chart Calculator Horoscope from astropedia

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