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Which items are the most popular in POE? Novice players don’t know how to deal with the extra items they get. So they want to know what should sell to other players and what they should throw to NPC suppliers. There is no obvious answer. It does not fix the value of the item. It will change as the market economy changes. They can take some simple steps to determine whether a certain item is worth some POE Currency.

Since players can see the prices of items being sold by other players in POE Trade, if they also want to sell items on it, it is best to search for the sale value of similar items in advance and then set a reasonable price for the items they want to sell. Only in this way can the prices of items sold by players be able to maintain the same competitiveness as other players, so that the prices of items will not be too high or too low to cause certain adverse effects.

For example, players want to search for item A, but there are no search results. They need to use advanced indexes to expand their search scope to view similar but not identical items. Players usually trade their surplus items for urgently needed items. Players can use POE Orbs to increase the value of items. Although this method is very helpful to the players' final profit, the Chaos Orb spent by the players in the process is also a lot.

For example, the value of a Chaos Orb is equal to 160 POE Orbs. Before deciding which items to sell, don’t do it unless the players themselves have enough POE Currency and Chaos Orb reserves. There are also many players who are more stubborn. They will spend a lot of money to Buy POE Currency and Chaos Orb to help them achieve their goal.

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