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It can get really complicated buy poe currency from the sounds of Steven's piece. Each room has competing'architects' that want to design the space a specific way. Kill 1 architect and the other is free to do their work, changing the room and potentially impacting the rest of the temple. You can travel back to the same area more than once during your 11 incursions, providing one architect multiple opportunities to update the room to your own liking.

In Steven's run, he upgraded a poison garden several occasions, which meant poison plants covered each area in the temple, which makes his final run more difficult. But attaining the first toxin room netted a shield to him that you can't find anywhere else.All the patch notes for the update can be found here. The Incursion league will operate for 3 months.Path of Exile's next update is essentially Pokémon and I Really like It


Last fall saw the introduction of five new acts followed by a winter upgrade that revitalized the endgame. Now, on March 2, Path of Exile has become another update so large that lead writer Chris Wilson confessed that he can't decide whether or not to call it a full-blown expansion. Also it's Pokémon.Called Bestiary, this challenge league that is temporary is probably one of the leagues I've ever noticed. Contrary to the current Abyss league, which mostly entails randomly stumbling upon demonic fissures and subsequently killing everything that pops out, Bestiary is about capturing monsters and causing them to fight to create strong crafting recipes.


For all those new to Path of Exile, these leagues need starting cheap poe currency a new personality and are temporary. Following their customary life cycle, the league is either retired or incorporated into the primary game and your personality is moved over to the regular league, which is only the game. Each challenge league that is new offers entirely new systems that make leveling a different experience every time.

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