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These incursions send you into PoE currency a random area within Atzoatl in the past at which you'll just have a limited period of time to kill all the critters found there. Each kill grants you time, but you're going to need to move. Since this segment is, there's no need to be worried about picking up items or managing your stock.

A pub on the bottom of the screen monitors your progress toward killing each monster in the region and, once the timer runs out and you are sent back to the current, all the items you would have accumulated spill out in one glorious fountain of loot.

You'll only be sent back to the previous 11 times and every room you are sent to is random. The current version of Atzoatl has 13 rooms, and it's possible to be sent back to the same room multiple times, which means that you won't have the chance to reach the Central Chambers. That's ok for two reasons: There is other aims to complete in Atzoatl, and your discovery of this temple resets to a new random one every time you complete the present edition. It is a bit confusing, I know.

But Incursion is immediately available to Path of exile currency level one players and Alva appears in each zone you input. Therefore, over the duration of the effort and following endgame, you are going to perform incursions, shape the temple, and operate the existing version several times.

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