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Even being numb is a feeling. What would things be like for you if you Memory Protocol Ebook Review  could feel? When you allow yourself to feel, it is too painful to deal with so you'd rather face physical pain than emotional - I get it; but can you face the emotional pain by writing some of all of it down? Do you cry? Write about it. Allow the others to come out and write as well. Just for a few minutes, open yourself up on paper. Let it out. Sometimes when I do this, I'll burn the written words after wards...just too personal - even for myself. Be careful with this one, though. Sometimes, others inside will really resent your writing things down and may give you massive headaches.

Here lately, I've been playing around with crocheting and knitting not only to fight the urge to cut, but also as a stress reliever. Some times I need to crochet a bit before I can post to this blog because the mere fact that I've created this blogspot in and of itself is sometimes very triggering for me. You don't have to be creative or even particularly artistic to do crafts. Get yourself a 'how-to' on a craft you'd like to learn and dive in. If you already have experience - pull out your materials and have fun. Singing a song you enjoy can also help.

Phone a friend and gossip, or talk about the latest fashions. Men, call and talk about sports or whatever you and your friend have in common that isn't related at all to self-harm. Go meet up for a cup o' coffee or something. Going to see a movie would work as well. Be comfortable enough with this friend that if you need to walk out on a movie that is triggering, you can do so without it being a big deal.

Be brutally honest with your assessment of your teen--is he or she one of the ADHD teens? Many parents are ready to pull their hair out from the teen's bad behavior, defiant attitude, back talking, and inability to concentrate with forgetfulness. If the teen shows signs of difficulty paying attention in class with the school performance lagging and needing extra time to learn it really points to something other than bad behavior. Behind the scenes of the apparent bad behavior parents may find that the symptoms point to the mind-blowing diagnosis of ADHD.


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