Tips How Friends and Family Can Help Those With Sex Addiction from Aaliawilliam's blog

 Help the addict steer clear of possible triggers.  Memory Protocol Ebook Whether it's a certain dusty bar, a certain slimy coworker, a certain area of town, type of movie or other trigger, some addicts may have particular people or places that bring on their addictive behaviors even more strongly than usual. If at all possible, try to help the recovering addict stay away from these places or people. 

Invite them to your home for dinner instead of meeting at the bar, or offer to help them move cubicles at work if their coworker isn't exactly helping. Recovery is an incredibly hard process, and genuine help and support works to untangle the web a little.

Help the addict realize they are not alone. Recovery can be a very lonely road. Since the disease of sex addiction is rooted in solitude and loneliness, it is important to help the recovering sex addict get the support they need from other humans. 

While family and friends are certainly there for the recovering addict, only the person on the path to recovery can truly make that commitment and step forward each day. You may not be able to accompany them on every step of the road, and you may not be able to hold their hand and tell them it's okay as often as you'd like to. Just make your support known, and make the effort to be involved to as great an extent as you're comfortable with.


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