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70% of the world's cases of diabetes type 2 are in low and middle income countries.  Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Blueprint Review  The estimations of people with type 2 in India range between 35 and 50.8 million people. This makes up one of the world's largest diabetes population, with China ranking closely at the top with an estimated 43.2 million patients. These numbers are stunning, but you must remember that India is home to almost 1.2 billion people. With a little over 300 million residents of the United States, 17 million of which have type 2, the density of those suffering in the US is 5% while 4% of Indian residents currently have the condition.

These numbers given here are only the people who have come forward and been diagnosed with a problem. Millions more are suffering without a name to put to their ailments. They may eventually be diagnosed, but because of the current lack of accurate diagnoses, the numbers are never fully accurate. Since type 2 is so prevalent in every country of the world, you begin to wonder what causes diabetes and why everyone does not simply avoid the causes and remain free from the condition for the course of their lives.

The answer to this is that there is no way to simply avoid getting diabetes if you have a genetic predisposition. In this case, however, most people are diagnosed with type 1 as a young adult or even a child. It comes from an inability to produce sufficient levels of insulin naturally. Type 2 is more preventable, though genetics do still play a role. However, allowing yourself to live an inactive lifestyle that includes a poor diet can lead to obesity, and 90% of diabetics are obese. A sedentary lifestyle is a factor that is largely what causes type 2. You also increase your likelihood of developing diabetes as you age.


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