Causes and Treatment For Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss from Aaliawilliam's blog

Over A 100 possible causes of sudden deafness Ring Ease have been identified yet despite this few patients ever get to the bottom of the cause of their hearing loss. In general a doctor will go specifically on your medical history and if you have had a major head trauma just before suffering from Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss it will probably be put down to that. 

Unfortunately many people cannot define a clear cause for their sudden loss of hearing. For optimal hearing it is necessary to have a good blood and airflow within the ear some medical researchers findings indicate that in certain cases it is caused by insufficient oxygen to the inner ear.

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss may be a byproduct of certain events, certain toxins such as those as those found in snake bites can cause it as can immunological diseases such as Cogan's syndrome which fortunately is a rare disease causing inflammation of the eye if left untreated it can cause both blindness and deafness. 

Ototoxic drugs are drugs that can harm the inner ear and these may result in hearing loss. Multiple sclerosis patients may also suffer sudden hearing loss, as do suffer of Ménière's disease.


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