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You see, when we try to get thin by not eating our severalKeto Trim 800 Review thousand years old genetic make up doesn't see the fast food franchises all around us that we are driving by and it goes into a "We may not see food for days. Shut down the furnace to minimum use!" mode causing us to retain what we have instead of burning calories like usual.

Sure, if we continue to not eat for days, our body eventually will start drawing from our fat reserves and , yes, we will lose pounds. In fact for that matter, if we don't eat for days, we start experiencing things like running a fever, body weakness, loss of appetite, loss of concentration and our legs fall asleep when we sit for too long. We also lose our ability to fend off germs as well as we should. All of which sounds like not very much fun. Believe me, I know first hand from going days without food as a teenager trying to "make weight" for wrestling in high school, so, yes. Not eating WILL eventually cause a person to lose weight, but how many of us are willing to put up with the side effects and go DAYS without food?

If your reading this, chances are you have seen the the advertisements that are ALL over the internet showing the before and after pictures of average folks with captions like: "Lose 15 pounds by following one SIMPLE rule..."

I can't speak to what exactly those ads are referring to as their "One rule", but I can say for certain that stopping your food intake will have a reverse effect so DON"T do it.


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