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While lag was clearly the Fortnite items biggest difficulty, so much so that it really killed the event, there is a whole lot of other work to be carried out. The commentary team was not great and the activity was incredibly dull to the point where the streams of their best players like Tfue and Myth proved nearly unwatchable.

There is a big difference seeing Fortnite pros stomp ordinary players within their everyday streams, however the nature of Fortnite calls for way, way more attentive play during high-skill, high-stakes tournaments. Even during Ninja and Marshmello's big win at the Pro-Am, they had been hiding in a central tower for 90 percent of the game, with action only coming in the end. It's a problem that Fortnite will need to determine how to tackle if it needs to become a consistently entertaining esport.

Epic offered a $6,500 bounty for every team who had the fortnite weapons most kills per game as a way to inspire more action, but it clearly did not work.

It had been clear to anyone seeing that Friday Fortnite's format, in which the entire aim is racking up huge kill totals, is a lot more exciting to watch, even though it is not an"official" mode in the game, but instead something that was devised by fans/creators.

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