The battle in Maplestory M Mesos this game is nothing from rsgoldfast's blog

Honestly, the battle in Maplestory M Mesos this game is nothing special. Can it be fun? It was exciting that the first couple of days then it was just... fine. I am sure the battle picks up once the higher grade jobs becomes accessible. Nothing special other than spam all of your skills until you're out of mana then get it back by utilizing your mana leech skill.

Eversince the ancient teaser trailers I was decided to get in the alpha and test this game out. The game is very adorable, enough said! I never actually got into the original version so that I can't really relate as it comes down to naming that monster or remembering that BGM.

I could just come up with a single reason Maple Story 2 Mesos does not look like the original in terms of improved 2d graphics. Even now the original MapleStory is very well known in various countries and continues to grow strong with upgrades. Nexon doesn't really wish to lose that targeted audience so instead they are looking for a new strategy. Will it be successful?

I wanted to know what was inside the boxes that were distinctive rewarded to players that win or survive the games. Inside, you will discover a lot of cute accessories such as rabbit ears, colors, lolipop, etc..

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