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Vidmate is a very popular app for downloading videos in smartphone. This app was developed by Chinese technicians and belong to Alibaba group of companies. Every year a new version of this app is released by its makers which has more advanced features in it. This is a multilingual app which can be downloaded from the website of the app itself or from 9apps Apk play store. A user cannot find this app on Google play store because of the terms of privacy of the play store. Various video downloading apps exist on play store and vidmate is the pioneer among these apps. 

Interface of vidmate apk

Interface of vidmate is very simple and is quite similar with a browser. There is a search box in this app and the user can find any kind of video that the user intend to download from this search box. Once the desired video appears on the screen of the users device then the user can hit the download button for downloading the video in the device. But before the download initiate the user need to select the format of the video in which the user want to download the video. This app has multiple formats and the user can select any of the desired format. After the selection of format the user can initiate the process of download and once the download of video is complete the user will find the downloaded video in the downloads section of the app and from this section the user can even share the downloaded file with their friends and family members. once the download of video file is complete then the user can also convert this file in audio file by using any video conversion app.

Salient features of vidmate apk

The downloading process of vidmate apk is fast and the download of video takes very little time with vidmate. The reason behind fast download of videos by using vidmate is the powerful download manager of this app. It is the capacity of the download manager which makes this app stand out from the rest of the apps. This app can download videos from almost every existing site on internet. There are many video downloading apps which are not able to download from YouTube but this app can easily download every kind of video including 4K videos and 360 degree videos from YouTube. Overall vidmate is a very effective tool for downloading videos from internet.

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The process of buying and selling of things is very old. It is upon this process that the very base of commerce is established. Economy of nations run because of this process. There is import and export of products because people need things and the demand of these things is completed by buying and selling of things. There was a point of time when the buyer had limited options and was able to buy from a particular place but today's buyer is more empowered in terms of buying of things. Modern buyer can buy things from market but can also order things from home. The buyer has many options in the form of online apps and e-commerce websites.

Lime road app one stop station for fashion needs

Lime road was founded in the year 2012 with a dream of becoming India's one stop station for the fashion needs of women. lime road has a huge collection of fashionable clothes specially for women. Lime road understand the diversity of needs of a women as an individual. This app sells not just the traditional clothes but clothes for almost every occasion be it saree or be it a party wear. The app sells winter wear, summer wear, ethnic wear, western drees, tops, tees, jeans, sarees, salwar kameez etc. The latest fashion can be found at this app. Trending apparels and accessories can be made available to the buyer by this app. 

Features of lime road 

Lime road is an online fashion store for trendy apparel. The app of lime road make it easy for the buyer to navigate through various categories of apparels and buy that which best suit the needs of the buyer. In order to buy products from lime road the buyer first need to login as a member of  lime road. Lime road also sells clothes of men and kids. At the time of buying of clothes the buyer can zoom in the images of clothes and can get a closer look at the design and pattern of the fabric and can read the stuff with which the fabric is made. The return policy of the app is also very easy e just like the framework of the app which is very easy to browse.

9apps and limeroad app

9Apps is a play store from which the user can download various kind of Android apps along with stickers, games, wallpapers and themes. The user can download the lime road app from 9Apps play store.

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Travelling is very essential not just for exploring the world but for the growth of an individual

because by visiting different places an individual get the knowledge of environment and culture of places and people which that individual has not seen before by personal experience. Travelling also makes an individual confident and aware about the surroundings of different places. Travelling also refreshes the mind of an individual. Previously people used to book hotels by making phone calls and during trips but were not able to compare the prices of different hotels. It is only after the introduction of apps that people are able to compare the prices of hotels within minutes. Android user can download apps from 9apps.

Hotels & inns Booking

There are various apps which are used for booking hotels and inns for serving the purposes of travelling. But MakeMyTrip is an app which stands out from the mob of apps. By using MakeMyTrip an individual can not only get the knowledge of the prices of hotels but can also book national and international flights and can also book cabs for travelling locally. Hence by using MakeMyTrip an individual can make a complete package of travelling even without stepping out of the house. It saves a lot of time of the individual by arranging all things at a single place.

Get discounts by booking from app

MakeMyTrip app also gives various discounts to its users not just on hotel booking but also on flights, cab booking and bus bookings. While booking any of the travelling services it is not necessary for the user to make payment right at the time of booking. The user can make payment at the time of staying in the hotel or at the time of using cab or bus service. It is only the booking of flights which require payment of money but even in that case the user can book the flight and can make the payment after reaching the airport.

The user can download MakeMyTrip app through play store or 9apps. MakeMyTrip can be downloaded and installed by using 9Apps play store. This play store is not very old but has all leading apps and games in it. By using 9Apps the user can download MakeMyTrip instantly. MakeMyTrip app is completely free, safe to download and do no harm to the device as it is virus and malware free.

About 9apps

9apps apk for Android is an app to download thousands of apps, games, wallpapers, ringtones, etc FREELY to your android device.
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Google Maps are used very frequently by the users so that they can navigate their location and reach to their destination. We can also list our business in Google maps for that the customer can visit our office location by navigating the map not only this week and also update our home address in Google Map. 

Google Maps is getting ready to give another device to its clients in the application that will show data about up and coming flights and inn reservations during the adventure. For the data of individuals, let us realize that you will locate another booking tab in the 'Your Place' area. Aside from this, the accessibility of Live View highlight is additionally being extended. There are multiple uses of Google Map. We can travel from one place to another place by using Google Map valli you need to install Google map application in your smartphone with the help of 9app store.

Navigate hotels and restaurants

Let us first discussion about the new reservation highlight. Under the Reservation tab in Google Maps, you will have the option to see Flight and Hotel Reservation in one spot. To discover the Reservation tab, click on the three dab menu on the left-hand side in Google Maps. After this, go to 'Your Place', here you will see the booking tab. It will demonstrate you data identified with up and coming excursions.

The new refreshed timetable element has additionally been presented, it won't just demonstrate every one of the spots you've been previously however will likewise separate them into classes, for example, café, shop, lodging and air terminal. After this you can send out the most loved places in the modified rundown. The refreshed timetable component will be accessible to all Android clients in the coming weeks. Starting at now, no data has been gotten with respect to when this refreshed element will be discharged for the iOS gadget. One exceptional thing is that this component additionally works disconnected, Google said that this element will be discharged for Android and iOS stages in the coming weeks. In the wake of making the declaration in I/O 2019, Google made the Live View highlight for Pixel telephones worldwide accessible in May this year. Presently the organization is discharging the beta beginning this week for Android and iOS gadgets that help ARcore and ARKit.

Google maps on 9apps apk

Download Google map with help of 9apps play store and enjoy offline navigation of your location,  you don't require an internet connection to navigate the map. You can search  nearest restaurant, shops , museums, parks, street, airports, shopping centres and stadiums

You can also download vidmate apk through 9apps which is one of the most popular and entertaining video downloader apk. 

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