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While the layouts of the Javelins are by Anthem Boosting default intricate and extremely customizable, it's disappointing to see so little of that visual property taken up by components that represent my progression. I understand and appreciate the decision to decouple style from stats, but as somebody who takes pride in my gaming achievements I wish Anthem did a better job of distributing eye stickers and adjustments via gameplay and accomplishments to those of us who make them with particular in-game feats rather than getting them together with either compensated or earned monies.

The thickness of customization is completely appreciated, and I had a good deal of fun running back a forth between an idle Doctor and the Forge in an attempt to emulate his style.

Each of the joys I've unlocked have been out of the Anthem Carry Services in-game shop, which accepts both a purchasable money called shards and free-to-earn coins. To be fair, Anthem distributes coins at a generous enough speed, and I've accrued about 100k in my 40 hours of play. That is more than sufficient to cover a complete aesthetic armor set, which prices 60k coins or 850 shards -- an amount that would set you back $9.00 to purchase (with a few extra shards left over).

You can earn coins from almost any activity, and even passively get some from getting friends that are playing. While it will suck that these armor sets are the only ones available and there don't seem to be some that are tied to anything gameplay associated, it's a relief that this store isn't malicious or predatory in any other way and does not bombard you with advertisements.


Is Humphrey the norm or the exception?16. Baltimore Ravens: Tim Williams, OLB, AlabamaWilliams played a limited amount of snaps at Alabama, and there will have to be Anthem Boosting a determination if he’s simply just a pass rushing specialist moving forward. If he is, is he really worth a top 20 pick?17.

Washington: Taco Charlton, DE, MichiganIs he a one-year wonder? It’s a simple question, but could be a plex answer for teams.18. Tennessee Titans: Quincy Wilson, CB, FloridaAgility drills in Indianapolis could prove if Wilson is a cornerback or a safety going forward. If it’s the latter, he may drop a little in the first round.19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: John Ross, WR, WashingtonWill a torn labrum in his shoulder – which Ross will have surgery for after the bine – make 2017 a lost season for Ross?20.

Denver Broncos: Ryan Ramczyk, OT, WisconsinTeams will have to Buy Anthem Items get fortable with Ramczyk’s health after he had hip surgery following Wisconsin’s bowl game. If there are long-term doubts about his health he could get vaulted by another offensive tackle.21. Detroit Lions: Derek Barnett, DE, TennesseeThe production was there for Barnett at Tennessee, but does he have the athleticism that will allow his game to translate to the NFL?22.

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