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But with the help of these rules you can continue experimenting with a safe foundation and find the optimal amount of carbohydrates for you. If your metabolism is functioning and you are intensively exercising regularly, start with this framework: Hundreds of tons of paper have already been written about weight loss and many (or more) terabytes in the net. We all know how to lose weight, but somehow not everyone wins. Probably worth more detail, nuances. Today we are discussing very competent tips for losing weight. Nutritionist The best dietician is a nutritionist, and after all, the process of losing weight is primarily related to diet. So, let's start with the advice of a dietitian to lose weight. A wide variety of foods. It is unlikely that you will sit long lean buckwheat, well, and if you succeed, then - contamination sweet and fat is almost inevitable. To avoid overwhelming dependency, create your own varied menu, with no strict restrictions and time intervals. Ideal for colors and sweets, but not in moderate doses. Adjust one size of the food a little. Eat from dessert plates and drink in dessert glasses. Instead of sticks and spoons use sticks for sushi - with them you will definitely eat slowly and deliberately. Compare labels. The best advice for losing weight is to change, not eliminate. Do you want yogurt? Read the labels for each parameter and choose the least fat. I will not give up family holidays, but uphold the principle - to do everything, not to eat. Do not stop hunger for hunger. Learn to listen to your body’s needs. Endocrinologist As for endocrinologists, their role in the study of overweight is far from over. Endocrinologists have genetically shared three types of people: Obesity (generally excluding overweight); Gold means (get fat if you eat a lot of sweet and flour and easily lose weight, eliminating these foods); Increased metabolism (according to their surname, it was not nearly complete, they ate as much as they wanted and did not use). In this regard, tips to an endocrinologist for weight loss are more likely to come from the first category: dietician tips for weight loss People with obesity tend to have to monitor their diet throughout their lives. 
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