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Players can now pre-register in the Phantom Pro pre-registration event until July 17th, by clicking on the Phantom icon in the game to get a special gift box, including unique weapon oilstone, unique armored stone, Maplestory M Mesos, automatic combat fees and more.

Ghost as his primary weapon, Phantom is a master of thieves stealing characters in the thieves level. Skills including Phantom Shroud, Phantom and Steal return can help players plan more strategic attacks. Phantom's most special skills, judged, play a role in causing fatal damage to monsters, triggering randomly stacked cards, allowing players to gain additional attacks.

This update also includes implementing a wedding system that is suitable for mobile devices. Couples in the married game will receive rewards, including timeless wedding rings and party lovers, who will meet and present unique gifts during the anniversary milestone. Wedding guests can also participate in special party events to get Maplestory M Mesos for sale and exclusive rewards.

Besides, players can now express themselves with the newly added Emo Wheel and experience a higher expedition mode to fight Chaos Horntail. Other features include the Rebirth Flame and Soul Weapon System, which are primarily to increase the bet of gameplay and provide players with more ways to deal with damage and upgrades.

To celebrate, players can participate in exciting in-game events, including the Maple Memory Leaf Gathering event, and individual achievement events to support Lucia's rewards. A first-anniversary special attendance event to get rewards, such as special damage to the skin.

Monster Park, an amusement park-themed event, will also open on July 25th, allowing players to visit Safari Express, a high EXP hunting area, and rest in Sauna to build a high EXP.
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MapleStory M has been on the commemoration of the company's first anniversary, once the PC version was released in the MapleStory game, which was first released in 2018. This year, with the arrival of the new course, players have ushered in a new hero, Mirage and the first anniversary celebration of MapleStory Mobile.

Players can now pre-register for Buy Maplestory Mobile Mesos the Phantom Pre-Registration proposal on July 17th, as those who register in advance may receive many rewards, including: unique oilstone, unique oilstone armor, automatic warfare ticket, and more.

Skills including Phantom Shroud, Phantom Regression ,and Theft can help players plan more strategic attacks, even the most special phantom skills - Judgment - can play a role in providing serious damage to the Horde, triggering randomly stacked cards, Provide additional attacks for players. From the Mega Burning event, the ghost characters between level 3 and level 100 can also rise in a total volume of three levels per level.

This update includes an in-game marriage system that is suitable for Maplestory M Mesos mobile devices. Couples in a wedding game may receive prizes, such as timeless wedding rings and party fans, who will receive special prizes at the birthday milestone party. Wedding guests can participate in special events after the party to receive special prizes.

In addition, players can now express themselves with the newly added Emo Wheel and experience a better remote mode against Chaos Horntail. Other features have added some rebirth flames and soul weapon systems, primarily to add games and give players different options to deal with damage and increase levels.
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Let us continue with the article yesterday.

Whenever your character reaches level 20, the automatic battle will be unlocked. When you turn on automatic combat, it will allow the player's character to automatically attack and kill those monsters that are displayed on the map. When the automatic battle begins, your character will automatically find the monster on the map and defeat it, then you will gain experience and get a lot of resources.

During an automatic match, the characters don't die or get hurt, so if they use potions or the monsters they might face are too weak, they may die. Once the automatic battle is over, you will need to hand over funds to Maplestory M Mesos exchange for the crystal, and the currency in the game will serve as a way to extend your automatic battle. This is great for players who want to improve their roles without spending a lot of time.

Two of my favorite new features are allowing you to do multitasking. When you use your phone to play other apps or perform other projects in Maplestory M, Auto Quest and Auto Battle will continue to run without anyone knowing.

This is not possible in the original game. If you want to upgrade your character, you need to spend a lot of time playing. Now, your character can hone and handle tasks without letting your efforts be Cheap Maplestory M Mesos wasted. You will enjoy very valuable moments in the game, such as interacting with other people in your guild and elite dungeons.

Maplestory M brings back Maplestory again in a way I didn't expect. With the launch of the Auto Quest and Auto Battle features, you can enjoy the overall game. Whether you're playing Maplestory since 2003, or just watching the game, you'll love Maplestory M.
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After the launch of the first version of the MapleStory PC version released in 2018, MapleStory M rang on its first anniversary. This year's Perayaann presented a new hero with the arrival of the original course Phantom. A new event for the one-year celebration of MapleStory Mobile.

Players can now pre-register for the Phantom Pre-Registration proposal on July 17th, as those registered in the pre-registration will receive several items, including unique oilstones, unique oilstone armor, automatic warfare ticket, and more. More. And these individual items can't be purchased with Maplestory M Mesos, and players can only get it through the above method.

A new class, Phantom is a thief who steals the Explorer-like resources. Skills such as Phantom Shroud, Phantom and Steal can help players plan more strategic attacks, while the most special phantom skills, judge, play a role in causing fatal damage to the Horde, triggering randomly stacked cards, providing additional players s attack. Before passing the Mega Burning event, the ghost role between level 3 and level 100 can also rise to the level of level 3 of each level.

Besides, players can now express themselves with the newly added Emo Wheel and experience a higher expedition mode against Chaos Horntail. Other features include Rebirth Flame and Soul Weapon Systems, which primarily improve the game and provide players with more ways to deal with damage and increase their level.

To celebrate, players can participate in exciting in-game activities, including Maple Leaf Memory Leaf Party Events, Special Achievements Events to support Lucia's Grand Prize, special attendance events year after year to get particular damage skin, choose boss accessories, There are even prize boxes such as Maplestory M Mesos for sale. Players can look forward to it.

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Maplestory M premiered worldwide earlier this week. If you are ready to experience the original story of Maplestory, you will have a surprise discovery.

The original Maplestory was released in 2003, allowing you to choose from a wide range of exciting types and explore the world. You can still interact with 1,000 players around the world and play games together. You can create and join guilds and explore endless custom possibilities in the original game. However, Maplestory M uses the main options provided by Maplestory.

Maplestory M is admirable in Maplestory Mobile Mesos transferring the game's original interface to the phone without affecting gameplay. In mobile games, players can watch and access their controls, menus, tasks, and chessboards at any time, whether in combat or outside the battle. In contrast, original games like MMORPG incorporate some shortcuts that complement many of the game's features. The ease of use and visibility of game features is a very big improvement.

Two features that change the rules of the game created by Maplestory M.

Players can now get the next task alert by competing with or completing a mission with Maplestory M Mesos a non-player character, which may require the player to kill some specific monsters or even opponents. Automated tasks are great because it makes you lazy. Why mix regional maps to find out where some NPCs are located. Now the game reduces the time it takes to complete some tedious tasks, some of which require information to be passed back and forth between NPCs, so you can spend more time enjoying your time.
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As with most MMOs this game MaplestoryM Mesos has crafting. At the moment there are limitations on the number of materials could be gathered at one time. Each has a specific type of collecting to match with it. The amassing types are Mining, Foraging, Ranching, and Farming. Ranching goes with handicrafts and farming with cooking.

The participant can craft profits for different crafting or gathering to raise. They are also able to make items which provide temporary fans. In the later levels of crafting players are able to earn some weapons however they may not be as powerful as what you can get from a dungeon.

1 way to get some use from the crafting would be to buy Maplestory M Mesos hire an assistant. At the home, players are able to employ NPC assistants which have crafting abilities and rankings. Higher ranking assistants price values. Assistants have an initial merit cost, then, in order to maintain the assistant, you have to pay a monthly fee. These assistants can craft unique items for the participant.

There are many things to do outside of the overall questing and leveling, as you can see. Each region on the map has a local quest list of things to do. Completing these awards you stars towards unlocking rewards in the map 14, which goes. Opening this map perspective, you may notice areas marked with crimson sword icons. I am sure you can guess what this means: It, PvP places do exist.

MapleStory M is the mobile platform version of the first MapleStory MMORPG, which has been officially launched worldwide. Here are some notices about the game.

We understand the current upsurge in selling on the mobile platform with major (M) MMO participants, and Nexon is no exception. At the same time that the MapleStory 2 (on the PC) was launched in the West, after several months of testing and previews, the group officially launched MapleStory M in 140 countries.

It's worth noting that MapleStory M has reduced the first MapleStory (released on PC), but it is suitable for Android and iOS mobile platforms. The game lets you enter the universe plus the frames found in Maplestory M Mesos the PC version on the MMORPG, showing similar tones, rollover views, the same type of boss raids or player-customizable avatar management.

This new version from the MMO promises to have 150 degrees of progress, several playable courses (Dark Knight, Archer, Night Lord, Bishop, and Corsair), dungeons or possibly mounts and pet systems.
MapleStory M also offers innovation in Buy Maplestory Mobile Mesos combat games: conflicts and leveling are optimized for mobile platforms... and games include players who fight or complete each task, they are inevitable "automatic games" and The full task of each level.

For curious people, MapleStory M is free to distribute, including AppStore and Google Play. To coincide with the launch, Nexon will organize some animations about game servers in the coming weeks, as well as players who return to the game regularly to receive additional bonuses.
Nexon announced result-oriented updates to MapleStory M and new extensions to MMORPG. Through the sport producer blog, Jungsoo Lee pointed out the significant changes meant to the game along with the lessons they learned.

"When we made the changes mentioned above to produce a better MapleStory M for any global audience, we thought we could easily do better in a few areas. As we discussed, we've been reviewing the feedback and constructive discussions that players offer us. I want to convince you we know that we have the opportunity to improve the sport around the progressive random aspect with content caps and feedback for the use of Maplestory M Mesos.

We currently tend not to guarantee any action, so that this blog does not necessarily mean that we wish to remove random aspects or remove content caps. However, we want to offer you our perception of these feedbacks, and that we are discussing different tricks to ensure that players always make progress when investing time.

The other thing we learned is that many of us must are more thorough. Speed ​​is vital. In the first couple of months, the group here centered on rapid change and change. However, some solutions usually are not permanent fixes, but they are closer to band-aid solutions, and frequently, these temporary fixes have unexpected adverse effects. Therefore, the vision of individuals vision is going to be to spend more time thoroughly reviewing our options and proposing better solutions. "

I then explained Nexon's cover MapleStory M in 2019, but wouldn't study it at length. With changes into existing content and the new content included in smaller updates including MS M Mesos in mmoah usage standards, the studio "we're going to discuss key improvement ideas starting in January. Some ideas at the moment are locked, but they need more review to ensure the changes are impressive."

Besides, "When we're also working hard to alter, we're also going to accomplish activities that can help players make faster progress in our system and structure." Also, the sport is currently scheduled for January update is going to be recorded.

Finally, he explained that the next expansion of the game would likely launch during the summer of 2019. MapleStory M has become available on Windows PCs.

MapleStory 2 is one of the games that can be customized by the player. You will explore the colorful 3D landscape, many new and familiar enemies are waiting for the player's conquest, and you will be fighting an exciting battle with the big boss. Choose your course and start your journey, the rest is up to you! The game implements a powerful set of characters, a new journey, and a powerful weapon you need to design yourself to redefine the MMORPG type by allowing the player to customize everything.

MapleStory 2 redefines the character type, which relies entirely on the player's creativity. Players can only rely on MS M Mesos themselves to design powerful characters and weapons that enable them to express themselves in ways never before possible. Players can set up their character's costumes and weapons and even everything in their dream home: your only limit is your imagination.

Customize your heroes, start an unprecedented mission, build your dream world, explore the new world, and maybe you can also make friends in the community with a common language.

Welcome adventurers to Maplestory M Mesos join!

Large-scale content updates, players will experience new close-range combat, increase the level cap, add a ceiling for all levels, introduce new chaos attacks and hard dungeons and unlock Lapenta's eyes, including weapon upgrades, players We can find the most powerful weapon in the game!

Tomorrow I will post an article about the dungeon. If you are interested in the dungeon, don't miss my blog tomorrow.

Let's continue with yesterday's article on the Assassin Action Guide.
However, in the end, it does not require an assassin image build. In addition to the skills of the same name, Shadow Burst and Soul Grind must be your core skills. Keep in mind that this may be a highly skilled hat build, so players are expected to play their skills in their unique way.

After discussing that you must have an assassin who can kill the fireplace dragon alone, let us continue to explore how to beat it.

Before you explore the dungeon, you need to Maplestory M Mesos determine two things. First, you bring a cat with a potion so you can take the time to deal damage instead of healing. Second, there is no time delay in your setup. If a one-millisecond delay can cause a task to fail, then it is the same when you are alone.

Heat treatment
With the start of the raid, it is easy to find the window sill. Be sure to avoid their massive attacks. In addition to avoiding damage, stepping on the blue part from the ledge eliminates the burning effect.

If the fire dragon tries to hit you while using the tail, you can use the ledge. However, you can run and catch him in some cases. If he doesn't hit you with his tail, he can use a large radius attack in three fast runs. Don't you worry? He will let you suffer a lot of damage, so do your best to avoid its attacks.

After that stage, he will start using his quick breathing attack, and he will attack you again and again. You can use the ledge again to make sure it won't be damaged. When he is finally finished, it is possible to approach him again and resume the attack. When you finish this, pay attention to MS M Mesos the remaining flames, because the damage they cause will be very high.

In the final stages of the first phase, he will combine his regular attacks with breathing attacks and AOE stun attacks. Both are easy to resist, so don't worry! Even if the latter is needed, the fireplace dragon will not follow. After cutting off his HP, he can use a one-time laser attack. Fortunately, this can be an electric shock, so it is easy to dodge.

The above is the guide for the assassin and some tips for dealing with the fire dragon.
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