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Dietary modification basically focuses on avoiding foods   Memory Protocol Ebook Review that are rich in sugar and additives. These are said to aggravate symptoms of ADHD so it is best to avoid junk food, fried food, and dessert, instead, give your child plenty of fruits, veggies, and grains.

Vitamins like zinc, magnesium, calcium, and B-complex can help control ADHD symptoms by helping in brain functioning. Homeopathic remedies may also be used in lieu of stimulant medication. Studies have proven the effectiveness of ingredients like verta alb, tuberculinum, hyoscyamus, and arsen iod in minimizing symptoms of ADHD.

These are safe to use and non-addictive. Unlike stimulant meds, homeopathic remedies do not cause side effects. You can even safely use homeopathic remedies before you have an official diagnosis. Before you try out these treatment options for ADHD, make sure that it is not merely a case of ADHD overdiagnosis. If your health practitioner is quick to jump the gun, maybe you should think about a second opinion.

Manic depression bipolar disorder, differs from the more typically diagnosed unipolar depression. Both are characterized by long periods of feeling low, worthless and having a lack of enthusiasm for life. But a manic depressive will also have periods of mania, in which they will experience an overwhelming boost of confidence, euphoria, and the feeling that they can conquer the world. For a person to meet the clinical definition of bipolar depression, they must have had an episode of at least one week in which they experienced mania.



One work suggests that low levels of vitamin D in the blood could increase  Memory Protocol Ebook Review the risk of cognitive decline.The work included 858 adults over 65 and those who had the lowest blood levels of the vitamin under 25 nanomoles per liter were 60% more likely to have signs of general cognitive decline over the course of the 6 year study. They were also 31% more likely to demonstrate declines in their ability to plan organize and prioritize than those in the study who had sufficient levels of vitamin D in the blood.

Youve heard vitamin D called the sunshine vitamin because we produce it when were out in the sun without sunscreen. Its naturally a part of very few foods (salmon tuna mackerel fish liver oils beef liver cheese egg yolks mushrooms) and is added to many others like milk cereals orange juice yogurt and margarine.Theres been plenty of research in recent years to link vitamin D deficiency to problems like heart disease osteoporosis diabetes schizophrenia some autoimmune disorders and even certain cancers.

Today from 40-100% of older adults in both the U.S. and Europe could be deficient in vitamin D according to information cited by the researchers. The study has raised the idea that vitamin D supplements might have some potential for the prevention of dementia though clinical trails are needed to define the optimal intake.



Pure OCD as a type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  Memory Protocol Ebook Review  is less known than the common OCD type. This type of OCD takes the form of the sufferer fearing their own thoughts. They think things such as sporadic cursing in their minds, blasphemous statements, and gruesome images. This drives the sufferer to believe that they could be grotesquely sinful, evil at their core, or setting themselves up for future horrible actions. These thoughts drive the sufferer into behaviors that can consist of compulsory prayer, avoidance or mental habits which are meant to reduce or eliminate the anxiety they are feeling at the time.

There are many forms of treatment in regard to Pure OCD. As a first step the sufferer could delay the things that they do because of the thoughts they have (Compulsive Praying, avoidance etc). In order to progress with their treatment they need to be successful at delaying their response to the thoughts until a later point in time. Overcoming OCD is not an overnight thing, it's meant to be treated in steps rather than big leaps. Taking this step is a way to help the sufferer overcome their anxiety. As they slowly proceed with lengthening the amount of time between their thoughts and their actions in response to them, they will eventually start to feel the anxiety decrease.

The next step in overcoming Pure OCD could be to not respond to the obsessions at all. In order for a sufferer to achieve this, they need to take another look at the way they perceive the danger in their thoughts. For instance, if someone has this OCD and it's directed at religion, it could be helpful to remember that an involuntary thought should not be considered sinful and that God isn't vengeful and it's not like he'd punish someone for having an involuntary thought.



Therefore, it is also important that people are aware about the heart facts and Memory Protocol Ebook Review  take precautionary measures to prevent themselves from heart problems. Modern technologies has gives so much power in hands of general people who can access all sort of information on any disease like Diabetes, Cancer, and AIDS etc through health websites. news provides you detailed information about your body, not just the physical body, but about the psychological aspect of life that helps you to keep your body fit and fine

Doctors always suggest the public to know the importance of mental health news that help you in keeping your mind healthy and fit, as fitness is the important aspect of good health. Regular exercise is necessary for good health, and you need to do at least five to ten minutes of physical exercise helps you stay active and energetic throughout the day.

 However, there are others tips as well that will help you stay away from health problems lialways use stairs, choose walking, do cycling that makes you healthy. The diet is also considered as an important aspect of good health and doctors always suggest avoiding junk and oily food, and choose healthy dietary options like green vegetables, soups, fruits, and fresh juices. Thus, a well-balanced and nutritious diet is essential.In order to live a long and hassle free life without any health issue, it is very important to maintain our physical as well as mental fitness.

 Physical fitness is very much required for the best functioning of our important organs such as heart, lungs, and muscles. It is also defined as body's ability to function efficiently for a log time and without stress. A fit person can always stay away from many chronic health issues, which occurs due to unhealthy lifestyle or diet schedule.



It was Freud who compared memory to a magic  Memory Protocol Ebook slate: the clear celluloid receives the imprint of short-term memories, soon to be wiped clean, and the waxy cardboard underneath becomes etched with the lasting impressions. Freud accepted the belief popularized by his contemporary, psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, that the brain files away all memories, but his angle of approach was wildly different.

Freud studied memory not from the position of what we remember or how we remember, but on how little we remember and why. He believed that any failure of recall had a specific cause, and since people forget things every day, he had plenty of material with which to work. For example, Freud found it implausible that childhood, filled with the richness of new experience, pleasure, and pain, should be so totally forgotten.

He argued that recalled experiences and ideas were related to other symbolically and emotionally important thoughts and feelings and that much of what a person forgets is simply repression. He believed that the lack of memories of early childhood (usually before age four in most people)was caused by repression of infantile sexuality, which peaks in the third and fourth years of life. This repression is caused by the "psychic forces of loathing, shame, and moral and aesthetic ideal demands," he said.



 Help the addict steer clear of possible triggers.  Memory Protocol Ebook Whether it's a certain dusty bar, a certain slimy coworker, a certain area of town, type of movie or other trigger, some addicts may have particular people or places that bring on their addictive behaviors even more strongly than usual. If at all possible, try to help the recovering addict stay away from these places or people. 

Invite them to your home for dinner instead of meeting at the bar, or offer to help them move cubicles at work if their coworker isn't exactly helping. Recovery is an incredibly hard process, and genuine help and support works to untangle the web a little.

Help the addict realize they are not alone. Recovery can be a very lonely road. Since the disease of sex addiction is rooted in solitude and loneliness, it is important to help the recovering sex addict get the support they need from other humans. 

While family and friends are certainly there for the recovering addict, only the person on the path to recovery can truly make that commitment and step forward each day. You may not be able to accompany them on every step of the road, and you may not be able to hold their hand and tell them it's okay as often as you'd like to. Just make your support known, and make the effort to be involved to as great an extent as you're comfortable with.



Even being numb is a feeling. What would things be like for you if you Memory Protocol Ebook Review  could feel? When you allow yourself to feel, it is too painful to deal with so you'd rather face physical pain than emotional - I get it; but can you face the emotional pain by writing some of all of it down? Do you cry? Write about it. Allow the others to come out and write as well. Just for a few minutes, open yourself up on paper. Let it out. Sometimes when I do this, I'll burn the written words after wards...just too personal - even for myself. Be careful with this one, though. Sometimes, others inside will really resent your writing things down and may give you massive headaches.

Here lately, I've been playing around with crocheting and knitting not only to fight the urge to cut, but also as a stress reliever. Some times I need to crochet a bit before I can post to this blog because the mere fact that I've created this blogspot in and of itself is sometimes very triggering for me. You don't have to be creative or even particularly artistic to do crafts. Get yourself a 'how-to' on a craft you'd like to learn and dive in. If you already have experience - pull out your materials and have fun. Singing a song you enjoy can also help.

Phone a friend and gossip, or talk about the latest fashions. Men, call and talk about sports or whatever you and your friend have in common that isn't related at all to self-harm. Go meet up for a cup o' coffee or something. Going to see a movie would work as well. Be comfortable enough with this friend that if you need to walk out on a movie that is triggering, you can do so without it being a big deal.

Be brutally honest with your assessment of your teen--is he or she one of the ADHD teens? Many parents are ready to pull their hair out from the teen's bad behavior, defiant attitude, back talking, and inability to concentrate with forgetfulness. If the teen shows signs of difficulty paying attention in class with the school performance lagging and needing extra time to learn it really points to something other than bad behavior. Behind the scenes of the apparent bad behavior parents may find that the symptoms point to the mind-blowing diagnosis of ADHD.



According to Charles Linden, the person Memory Protocol Ebook Review behind the famous Linden Method on how to cure panic attacks, panic episodes are behavioural problems contrary to the most common impressions that it is a mental health issue. Now that is a shocking revelation considering that most people think that this is mental problem. Based on the studies conducted by Charles, being a panic sufferer himself long time ago, panic attacks are not caused by chemical imbalance in the brain; as most medical experts say. But rather, this is due to a tiny brain gland called Amygdala; this is the gland responsible in activating anxiety in the event of threat or danger.

Anxiety is a natural defense mechanism of the body when it senses danger or feels being threatened. Anxiety serves to transfer energy to the extremities of the body, such as arms and feet, in preparation for fight or flight. In the absence of danger, and the body is fully energized for perceived extreme physical activities, the false alarm can sometimes result to several panic attack symptoms like numbness or tingling sensations on the feet and hands, hyperventilation, and shortness of breath among many others.

In the case of panic suffers, this tiny brain gland is consistently turned on even if there are actually no more danger; or it is already long gone. As a result of constant activation of Amygdala, the body has come to learn such behavioural reactions to certain life situations. That is why it is concluded that panic disorder is a behavioural issue.

In order for you to understand the bigger picture of your child's condition, he or she will have to undergo a series of behavioral and neurological tests. The neurological tests are particularly important because they indicate the areas of the brain that may not be working up to par, thus causing your child's chronic hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. Over the last decade, ADHD experts have developed new technologies that can measure brain electrical impulses, which are critical in detecting ADHD. One of these tests is called Quantitative Electroencephalography, or QEEG.



With depression, for example, the electrical activity (alpha rhythms) in the Memory Protocol Ebook Review  frontal lobe of the brain is either very low or non-existent, while other areas of the brain are over active. You can find pictures of a depressed brain vs a healthy brain in many books, or through an internet search. The contrast of the colors representing the activity of the neurons is astonishing! You can actually see what a depressed brain looks like! Check out positron emission tomography scans from Mark George, Terence Ketter, and Robert Post, Biological Psychiatry Brand, NIMH, Bethesda, Maryland and see for yourself! 

New research has been favoring the "yes" answer to the much debated question, "Is there really such thing as a chemical imbalance that causes mood disorders?" I could go on and on about neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and norepinephrine, and how when they are not being properly received by the synapse it causes depression. I could go on about how medication works in the scientific sense, but I'd rather talk about hope. I urge you to look up this information on your own, because you cannot have hope without understanding.

So, what is a mental illness? To a person with the illness fear, guilt and confusion are usually the underlying unconscious answers. These bad feelings dominate their lives. They are dreading and fearing their next episode; they are guilty about how they live their lives and affect the lives of their loved ones, and they are confused about why this is even happening. Why me? Why can I hear voices others can't? Why am I ecstatic one moment, then crying hysterically the next?

I used to get angry at my loved ones. I used to feel confused as to why they couldn't get out of bed and keep moving forward with their lives, but the more I read and learned, the more I understood that they had a "broken leg" and needed support to heal. They needed understanding with all of their internal chaos, and now I am happy to say that through talk therapy, and medication, they are currently doing well.I'll leave you with a quote from Nietzsche, "One must harbor chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star," and one from Aristotle, "Why is it that all men who are outstanding in philosophy, poetry, or the arts are melancholic."



 Thought disorders often impair a schizophrenic person's ability to think clearly  Memory Protocol Ebook Review and connect thoughts into logical patterns. They find it difficult to concentrate and are easily distracted. Thought disorders make it very challenging for a person suffering from schizophrenia to carry on a conversation, an enigma that often results in social isolation.

Agitated body movements known as movement disorders are another kind of positive symptom. In one example, a person with a movement disorder may repeat certain motions again and again. In another example, a person could become catatonic, though catatonia is not often seen today with the development of effective treatments.Psychological capabilities the schizophrenic person has "lost" as a result of his illness are known as negative symptoms and may include: A complete loss of enthusiasm and interest in things that were once important to him. The person with schizophrenia can take no pleasure in everyday life.

Becoming socially withdrawn, isolated, preferring their own company to contact with others. When they are forced into situations with others, people with schizophrenia do not interact at all. They are incapable of beginning and sustaining planned activities.Negative symptoms for schizophrenic people also include apathy, appearing completely indifferent to things going on around them and showing no interest in taking part. They may spend all day doing nothing to the degree that they may even neglect personal hygiene.

Bipolar disorder has proven to be a very serious issue within current society. With incredible stresses enveloping the population concerning economic issues and other personal issues related, there are increasing factors as well as genetic factors that are contributing to the onset of bipolar disorder. The appearance of bipolar disease usually appears as a young adult and continues throughout the adult years if left untreated. Though you cannot see the affliction, it is serious and can be very damaging and requires some sort of treatment sooner than later.


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