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New Zealand has well structured and dynamic education system, which makes it one of the countries that offer the best education. Various researchers have released indices that show the top-ranking of New Zealand as an excellent place for education. In fact, many people across the world prefer studying in New Zealand for the same reason. It is incredible how the government of New Zealand is supportive towards the education sector. Citizens of this country believe in education, and the government stands to help every child to acquire the knowledge they deserve.

Education in New Zealand entails primary, secondary and higher levels of learning. The learning institutions are both private and private. The fact that the government supports public schools make parents opt to take their children in private schools. Besides, the public schools have a quality education that encourages both practical and academic achievement. Teachers allow children to explore and learn through diverse ways. The aim is to help them get the most out of the primary and secondary education in preparation for the college education.

The Best Features of New Zealand Educational System

The education system in New Zealand is unique and exciting as compared to other countries all over the globe. The reason many people travel from their native countries to study in New Zealand explains that there must be something interesting about the education system here. Some of the features that make New Zealand education system excellent include:

·         The structural division

The education system in New Zealand has been divided into two main sections: the primary and secondary. Children join the primary school in their sixth year and proceed to the 13t year. They join secondary school between the ages of 13 and 18 or 19. Education is compulsory for children under the age of 16 with the government being supportive to parents in this.

·         The balance of education provision

All children under the age of 16 are mandated to be in school. All children have a right to acquire education the school they wish. The education system in New Zealand is free for all children through the public, state-integrated, and private institutions. The government supports the children by helping them pay for their education regarding loans that they would pay later.

·         Division of responsibility

The education system of New Zealand is highly devolved. In the past, it was managed and monitored at the district level with the regional education’s board being the core management. However, after 1988 the control of the school became centralized and selected trustees were mandated with the role of managing the schools. Despite this, there is a high level of consultation with the stakeholders and trustees. It allows for effective decisions that meet the needs of the community and the learners.

·         School finance

The ministry of education provides operational funds for schools annually. Their allocation is dependent on the number of students, their level of learning, location, and the socio-economic status of the region in which the school is located. Provision of all the buildings and other property is the responsibility of the ministry. Unlike other countries, all private, state-integrated and private institutions in New Zealand enjoys full support of the government regarding financial assistance

·         High accountability

There is corporate effort to ensure accountability in the education system. Since the schools are managed by a selected group of trustees, they collaborate with the ministry, the government, and the national administration to ensure high accountability

The education system in New Zealand is highly flexible; a feature that has welcomed many foreign students to study in the institutions of their choice. Most of them admit having felt good to study with New Zealand citizens because they are accommodative. Besides, many features such as quality of education and cost favor their overall learning experience. This has made schooling exciting for the New Zealand and foreign students. Most of them have achieved their goals through the opportunities they had in this country. Students who study is New Zealand also benefit from the finances and loans given to native students. It allows them to afford education without financial constraints.

Both native and international students feel privileged to study in New Zealand. Researchers interested in establishing the quality of education and the satisfaction of students with education have carried out various interview sessions with numerous graduates from New Zealand schools and colleges. One highlighted how happy she was for the financial assistance she got from the government amidst intense family financial struggles. Many other foreign students praised the entire management of the education system that allowed them to have equal opportunities to study and travel around New Zealand and other states. It all contributed to the experiential learning that took them to another level of education.

The quality of education in New Zealand is undoubtedly high. An interview with few students from renowned universities in New Zealand said that they had opportunities to work with global companies and organizations after their graduation. It was attributed to the quality of education. Ideally, institutions in New Zealand prepare learners to compete globally with other learners or graduates.

Would you desire to study in New Zealand? If you want a high-quality education that would dictate the next level of your progression, then New Zealand is the best study option. Many students from various countries in the world have benefited from the schooling system here. The good thing about this education system is the high level of flexibility, numerous chances of advancement, and global preparedness it impacts.

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