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Path of Exile: The Legion officially launched and brought one of the biggest patches in the history of the game, both for overhaul of melee combat and for the huge amount of data required to make the game update.

The free-to-play action RPG has been very popular, and the developer Grinding Gear Games has discussed these changes that will be implemented in a few months. Still, the number of changes is still unbelievable and can be seen in full in 14,000 patch descriptions.

As with the start of each league, you will need to create a new character. Occasionally, when playing a game, you will find a special boulder that you find when playing games. These produce a group of frozen enemies from Wraeclast's past, and damage to these enemies will activate them, and if defeated within a certain amount of time will lose a unique bonus and a certain amount of POE Currency.

There are a total of five different legions that can lay eggs: Maraketh, Karui, Templars, Vaal and Eternal Empire. Similar to violations, each has a different spawning rate and minimum area level. The most enemies that can spawn at the moment are 300, so don't take it lightly!

You can now cancel the skill animation before or after the damage occurs. This can be done by moving or using other skills. This includes canceling multiple attacks like Double Strike, which can now be queued. This change is bound to have a major impact on the way games play at the highest level.

The ability to cancel an animation not only allows for a more proficient game or a quick retreat, but in other games it can artificially reduce the cooldown of certain actions by weaving a light attack. The overhaul of the battle not only affected the players but also the enemies. So far, this has brought a new feeling to the game. The animation of enemy attacks is clearer than before and easier to learn and avoid. At the same time, players are more penalized because they are now more vulnerable to attacks. In fact, such an attacker can make up for it by using POE Items in mmoah.

The best way to describe enemy updates is that Path of Exile now feels more like Dauntless and Monster Hunter than a Diablo-style game. This is a bit exaggerated, because the enemy is still falling rapidly, but now players seem to focus on mobility, proper positioning, not just standing in the ground and sending spam.

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Grinding Gear Games announced today that their award-winning RPG, Path of Exile: The latest expansion of the Legion will be launched on PC today, and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be available on Monday, June 10.

In the field of eternal conflicts for thousands of years, Wraeclast's most powerful military leader has been fighting the eternal war. In the Path of Exile: Legion, you will release their corps and fight them to gain valuable rewards, even POE Currency is possible.

In addition, in the latest expansion, Grinding Gear Games has created a new melee combat experience. Now all melee attacks hit multiple enemies, all mobile skills are now instant, and various categories add extra movement and dodge skills.

The Legion also introduced a new character types: Blood and Sand Gladiator and Berserker. Blood and sand gladiators can switch between bloody and sandy poses, as well as the blood deals massive problems for multiple enemies while doing so, and sand provides better defense with the Character. New mad mad warriors introduce skills that generate or consume anger through certain attacks, increasing movement speed and attack power. This is the effect it does not matter how much POE Items are costly, the ball player knows this.

When the most up-to-date league expansion "Army" arrives on June 7, new players who wish to enter the route to exile could be shocked.

In an upmarket interview with OnlySP, Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson commented on what the most up-to-date update opportinity for new players:"The goal is actually more hostile to early players. We are rebalancing early monster battles to make it more difficult and satisfying."In addition, to keep your POE Currency , which can be much cheaper during this time period.

Wilson continues to mention that the damage caused by the boss's enemies has increased, trying to improve satisfaction when the player avoids the attack, which can be achieved by "better signals."

Since the first release of the Path of Exile on the PC in 2013, many major updates have been received. Players only need to wait a few days to see how the latest updates change the feel of early game battles. Whether this is yet beneficial to people or value discussion, people are able to still have some POE Items, that's better built-into the modern access system.

For more information on Path of Exile, stay tuned for an exclusive interview with OnlySP in the coming days. Be sure to follow their official website or follow MMOAH on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or join the discussion in the gaming community.

Grinding Gear Games' "Path of Exile" will begin its next challenge with Legion (June 10th game console) on June 7th. Basically the evolution of the next breakthrough, the Legion saw the players find that the army lost time and killed them to get rewards. This is done by the various Monoliths placed in Wraeclast.

When the player encounters a boulders, the enemy soldiers will be frozen in place. Hit and "release" them before the timer runs out will start the battle. It is important to choose a goal because the best rewards may come from the most difficult enemy to deal with. In a recent Q&A with design director Chris Wilson, more details on how this mechanism works will be shared. Players may take this opportunity to obtain more POE currency to welcome the following breakthrough.

For example, can a player release all enemies in a boulder before time runs out? Wilson responded: "It is possible that because a strong enough lineup will encounter a group of monsters, these monsters will all be produced together, but we don't think it will appear in the early stages of the league. Please note that you must actually have enough for the monsters. Damage can break them, so hitting those hard-to-hit monsters in such a short period of time is quite tricky. "Then he added a footnote, and he suspected that the community would achieve that.

As for the attacks on Jurassic, Totem, Trap and Brand, they will work as usual and aim at the frozen enemies. Once the enemy breaks out, they will move on to the next enemy. Regarding the killing effect and whether they will be triggered when the enemy is released, Wilson said, "In general, we have tried to trigger these killing effects as much as possible. These must be added on a case-by-case basis, so we first hit the most popular ones. There are several technical problems, such as the absence of corpse damage (because no corpses are destroyed). If we miss some cases, then we will study the practicality of solving these problems. "In addition, the ball player knows that the existing POE Chaos Orb is value attention, so the gamer must accumulate coins between players for unexpected expenses.

Path of Exile Legion expansion patch notes will be held June 4 (US time) on the line. Check out some other improvements, such as changes in boss battles, while doing so.


Grinding Gear Games has been teasing Path. Exile's 4.0.0 large extension for some time, and we still don't know much about its expectations. Studio director Chris Wilson said that we will learn more at ExileCon in November this year, and this update represents the "next generation" step of the game. Wilson even has confidence in the update of Diablo 4.

"As far as we are concerned, the expansion of 4.0.0 will have an impact on Diablo 4." Wilson told us. "It's the next generation of action-playing games that represent a huge upgrade to the Path of Exile. So we'll tease it on Exilecon, and players will get some hands-on time when building it early, which should be very exciting. "But I think the
Path of Exile Currency discount will not be included in the expansion.

ExileCon will be held in Auckland, New Zealand on November 16th and 17th, but the 4.0.0 update itself is still "a year and a half away." We know that Diablo 4 will not be launched in 2019, nor will it have any Other major new Blizzard games, but reports on the date of the Diablo 4 release show that it may be ready to launch in 2020. Assuming it has not encountered any more development issues, that is.

All of this means that we can see the RPG giant's action battle later next year. We will also see the details of the ExileCon extension on December 3, so Path of Exile loyal users will have enough time to focus on and users will have more opportunities to focus on POE Items.

In the near future, we have already obtained the Path of Exile: the release date of the Legion, you can pay attention to
mmoah, so that you can learn more about the expansion before launching in June this year.

The core of the eternal conflict, the core of the Path of Exile's upcoming free army update, is not a different style of Vikings, but it is close enough to be invaded and robbed. It will hit Grinding Gear Games' free action role-playing game on June 7th and replace the current integrated league. The Legion added a new quarterly source of loot and experience to the world and permanently improved the melee fighting of the game. This is usually a bunch of new skill gems, unique items and rebalancing that make early game monsters scary again. See the trailer below.

The upcoming Legion League will last for three months and will be split into two halves. You can practice at your own pace while upgrading, which is a very advanced aspect for the endgame players. When you work in the regular story area, you will encounter crystal boulders. Touch them and you will temporarily enter the permanent conflict area, where you can see the past army of Wraeclast freeze in time. By hitting these frozen soldiers, when the timer runs out, you will mark them back and you must hit everything you mark.

This system has some risk/reward balance. You may bring back too many extra enemies, causing you to be trampled because of unprepared battles, but if you do, it is entirely your fault. Similarly, if your goal is too low, you may only get a meager POE PS4 Currency . Many players believe that the integrated alliance becomes too cumbersome to handle easily and forces players to speed up areas where they prefer to slow down. The goal of the Legion is to solve this problem and let the player choose the strength of their side missions without too much fuss.

Once you defeat the endgame, you can directly invade the permanent domain conflict by killing enough soldiers from various historical armies to assemble a complete military badge. You can use the final game map device to combine two to four badges and fight up to five entire troops at the same time. Obviously, this can be very difficult, but it is also a huge source of spoils. It should also look very spectacular and give you a corpse deep in your neck. In addition, you technically killed the deceased, so there is no reason to feel sad?

The upcoming melee reform is a big deal. It should be a satisfactory blow to the hammer because it is raining on them. Melee attacks will hit multiple close-range targets and respond faster, allowing the player to cancel the attack animation at the beginning and end. Motor skills are now activated immediately. This means that you are more mobile and able to physically evade oncoming attacks, not just using your face to cover everything. The mouse should also be easier, because once you die, holding the attack will automatically switch the target.

In order to balance these swept buffs, Grinding Gear has returned and given the game's early enemies to the blurred Dark Souls inspiration. The attack is now much harder, but more is the telegraph, giving you a chance to escape. Maybe not as cool as Diablo 3's dodge scroll button, but it will do so. In addition, the attack animation has been thoroughly checked, looks more diverse, and moves smoothly as your attack speed passes through the roof. They also canceled the 95% accuracy limit, so they can avoid "serious misses."

Some of the new Path of Exile Currency and skills in this update look interesting. Grinding Gear has two new "prototypes" for: Blood and Sand Gladiator and Angry Warrior add new skill gems. The former has an attack that switches between two poses with different attributes, while the latter gains a major gain as long as you can maintain a single kill combination. Aunkuna's Will is a new and unique item that allows you to summon zombies without the need for a corpse. Even better, they count as corpses that are compatible with spells such as Detonate Dead. My brain only draws the possibility from that one.

The current Path of Exile Alliance is rapidly coming to an end. The end of the integrated alliance also marks the beginning of the PoE 3.7 patch, which promises some much-needed changes. Grinding Gear Games announced that the new patch will be available at the New Zealand Department of Defense at 10 am on June 4.

In synthesis, the developer's focus is to rebalance the spelling throughout the game. While numerical adjustments and full rework of certain skills have proven to be productive, they still lead some skills ahead of other skills. For example, Winter Orb is currently the most used skill in the league. Similarly, experienced Path of Exile players push the Voidshot Deadeye to the limit and calculate their damage output in the shaper per second.

However, the difference in power level between skills and the difference in POE Currency PS4 between players is understandable.The more pressing issue is that the alliance itself is a little missing. Connecting memory fragmentation is more of a chore for most players than something they like very much. In addition, from the player's comments, the league's "boss" is a bit frustrating.

What new things brought about by this new patch? So far our understanding of the 3.7.0 patch is that the melee combat will get a complete "reconstruction". Since the beginning of the game, the melee combat in the "Path of Exile" has been a bit bleak. The difference between the caster and the frontal character is now more pronounced because the remote skill gems have been fine-tuned.

To solve this problem, developers are investing a lot of energy and spending more time testing all changes, not the past. Although the full details of the patch will be announced on May 22, GGG has hinted at what these changes will bring.

Mechanisms that may be redone involve accuracy, melee splash, leeches and fortifications. In addition, we may see updated passive trees and redesigned Ascendancy classes. In order to make the melee game style more feasible, the new patch will also include adjustments to the melee base type itself. In addition, the goal of the developer is to make the various sports skills more fluid. Last but not least, GGG is committed to increasing the usability of melee damage patterns on POE Items.

With all this in mind, we can hope for the future of Path of Exile. Ideally, all Ascendancy courses and skills are equally appealing to both novice and returning players, and equally satisfying.

It’s been a long time, but the free dungeon crawler, Path of Exile, finally launched the PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe.

This action RPG comes from Grinding Gear Games, launched in PC version in 2013 and launched Xbox One in 2017, which has won many praises over the years because it basically uses the Diablo formula and upgrades it to level 11. An isometric view that smashes hell from a group of bad guys and collects a lot of loot. The fact that the Path of Exile really stands out is that for a year, one metric ton of content has been piled up in the game, and some devices you may need POE PS4 Currency to purchase. In addition, you can play it 100% for free.

As of today, all these hacking, slashing and robbery have finally reached PlayStation 4. The file size of the game is only about 10 GB, but the description on the PlayStation Store indicates that you should have 15 GB available for saving. Either way, there isn't a lot of hard drive space compared to the ever-declining 50 to 100 GB behemoth, and the exile way can make you fascinated for many hours.

For the 1st to 6th players, this is a free game, obviously there are a lot of cosmetics and resource packs that can be purchased with real world money. Currently, there are a range of supporters available, ranging from $30 to $150. For example, the cheaper "Sunspire Supporter Pack" offers a range of cosmetic
POE Currency, armor kits, hideouts and frames in the Sunspire, and the Sunspire position.

Many players play Path of Exile and want to continue using the free PlayStation Plus package. These include a Fire Frog pet and an Infernal Skull helmet that will make them look like Scorpion is preparing for death.

"Path of Exile" chief developer Chris Wilson does not want his staff to be nervous about launching an update to the online action role-playing game. This is based on Wilson's lengthy Reddit post on Wednesday, which addresses some of the community's concerns about the ongoing development of the game.

Wilson said: "Some studios let their team work 14 hours a day to package each patch, including the most fixes and improvements." "Sometimes when we read our own patch description thread and community feedback, we feel that we I was asked to do the same thing. I will not run this company like that."

Although he believes that some overtime pay is inevitable, especially after the launch of the new "Path of Exile" alliance, Wilson said that most of the game's development cycle has a good work and life balance. He said that this is necessary to keep the Grinding Gear Games team healthy and healthy for a long time, but it also means that players will have to wait longer to make some necessary improvements. Players can take this opportunity to pick up more Path of Exile Currency to welcome the next new version.

Developer austerity is currently a hot topic in the gaming industry, with many calling for unions to protect workers from suspected exploitation. In recent months, there have been reports of working long hours in major studios such as BioWare and Epic Games. Some BioWare employees told Kotaku that they have depression and anxiety. According to reports, other people have to accept doctors to order pressure leave for weeks or months. However, the studio dismissed these claims and expressed great importance to the health and well-being of team members.

At the same time, more than a dozen of current and former employees of Epic Games told Polygon that they often work more than 70 hours a week after the great success of the battle royale title "Fortnite." Others said they worked for 100 hours and Rockstar recently filed a claim. Participate in the game developer of "Red Dead Redemption 2".

As for the "path of exile", Wilson said that due to the team's ongoing efforts to solve the problem, some issues have not yet been satisfied by the community. For example, the question about the number of POE Orbs. He said that the new comprehensive alliance of this game is more than they expected. The upcoming "large expansion" also took up a lot of time in the studio. The South Korean release of "Path of Exile" and this year's ExileCon are also true. While many of the things the team is working on will make "major and lasting fundamental improvements" to the game, Wilson said they paid the price.

"I am sorry," he said. “Our relationship with the community is one of our key values. We believe that our internal emphasis on long-term improvement “Path of Exile” has caused some damage to this relationship in the short term. We will ensure that we are solving immediate problems and realizing game needs. Find a good balance between long-term improvements."
In a very transparent way, Chris Wilson, founder of Grinding Gear Games, spoke at the Path of Exile forum to evaluate the current hack'n slash free to play project.

Developers first evoke the last alliance added in March last year, Synthesis. He realized that his development was more complex than expected and did not reach the quality of the player's habits and the way of Path of Exile Currency was expected. In fact, it won't be added to the base game, as opposed to what is usually offered in the casual league. "Maybe we can do something for this in the future, but we haven't planned anything yet," he said.

In three weeks, GGG will unveil the next league in June. The league should be more moderate than usual, even if it will include major changes to the phone. At the same time, the studio assigned most of its advantages to the development of 4.0.0 as a "super extension." "This is crucial because the next-generation action RPG is approaching and we have to be prepared," Chris Wilson said. In the podcast released last November, co-founder Jonathan Rogers explained that its purpose is to face Diablo IV directly and is expected to announce its announcement. 4.0.0 will be announced at the ExileCon conference in November and is scheduled to be released in 2020.

Chris Wilson also discussed the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Path of Exile, which have some issues, including technical issues. The studio understands it and processes it. Finally, in order to face these sites, Wilson ensures that it does not bring tension to developers (intensive development period): "Some studios let their team work 14 hours a day to fill as many patches as possible, I don't Will run this business in this way, and as the new alliance approaches, most of the development cycle from Path of Exile to a good balance of work and life, will inevitably have paid and optional overtime," he explained This is a topic that causes a lot of noise in the industry.

Remember, you can download Path of Exile for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to know more, you may click here: https://www.mmoah.com/path-of-exile
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