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At ExileCon, the annual conference of Grinding Gear Game for all fans of Path of Exile, developers revealed some new projects related to their long-running action RPG. The first is "Path of Exile 2", which is not exactly a sequel to Path of Exile, but an improvement that includes a new seven-act scenario. Currently, it is not launched separately from the Path of Exile game but is included as an update to the POE. Regarding POE Currency, it can be used as a gold coin in the Path of Exile 2. For players, the best option is to buy it at MMOAH.

As someone who has only seen Path of Exile from a distance, I must not claim that I have an expert or novice knowledge of the title. Kevin Murnane has a better record of what it means in Forbes. However, the general point I get is that Path of Exile is a bit like the idea of ​​"putting down the tracks in front of a train". Grinding Gear introduced some features 6 years ago, and added and improved them, but over time, they have also seen how to improve the system as a whole. Instead of completely abandoning Path of Exile and launching a separate game (thus potentially destroying/dividing their player base), they are developing a game that is parallel to the first game and reaches the same endpoint.

Over the years, we had hoped to make any changes to Path of Exile, but we couldn't change them because they would break existing roles. Path of Exile 2 is a large update that makes all these changes.

The background setting for this story is 20 years after the first game took place, but all existing content is available in Path of Exile 2 and all Path of Exile Currency you purchase will be retained. The release date of Path of Exile 2 has not yet been announced, but developers hope to release a beta version later next year.
The Diablo IV, announced last week at BlizzCon, is one of the most secret secrets in the industry, but we did learn some new knowledge that will have a profound impact on its biggest competitor, Path of Exile. There is a lot of talk about Blizzard’s insistence that Diablo IV is still in its early stages of development. It’s still too early for Blizzard to come, but strategically, this is for the team and ARPG. Meaning does not make sense.

The release of Diablo 4 is a long-standing expectation of Path of Exile developer Jay Wilson, but the timetable seems to be a far cry from expectations. Wilson and his team at Grinding Gear Games may not have been forced to fight for ARPG's supreme battle in 2020, and may now be forced to take too early. At present, many players have purchased Path of Exile Currency online to prepare for the Path of Exile version 4.0. Everyone is looking forward to it.

Next month, at POile's game-centric emerging conference, ExileCon, Path of Exile will preview version 4.0 and expect to be released later in 2020. Version 4.0 is significant for Path of Exile because it is scheduled and designed to compete explicitly with Diablo IV. Although it doesn't have a new engine (for good reason), it will have a series of game-defined changes and enhancements, and the details are still a lot.

Since Diablo IV is not even sure in 2021 (or even until 2020), we are ready to welcome a situation where Path of Exile releases 4.0 and Blizzard has enough time to draw inspiration from Path of Exile's gameplay and POE Trade Currency. Blizzard is wise to do so.

Given that Path of Exile releases a full update every two years, it may provide a nice window for version 5.0 in 2022, but doing a lot of work on the 4.0 version for Diablo IV is hard. Imagine GGG can deliver Diablo's updated back to back.

If the real details are in the devil, then Diablo IV may extract a lot from the Path of Exile in 2020. This is good news for Diablo fans, but if it doesn't cause some damage inside, it would be amazing at Grinding Gear Games.

Read more at: http://www.arab.dk/blog/add/

Read more at: http://www.arab.dk/blog/add/

This sport has a mechanism, perhaps a system that can be seen in most MMOs in the game. Currently, the game has 4 functions and 3 questions (normal, cruel and cruel). To enter the late game, you must close 4 of the 3 questions, which will not be complicated by you from this sport. Gained expertise. The Path of Exile course is a sport, and you must know what you are doing for the person who is starting the sport.

One way to upgrade levels is to choose passive tree skills. Through a combination of disciplines, you can continue to focus on your profession. This way, you can customize the role by dramatically changing how the character plays. Another way to enhance your personality is to achieve your goals through the use of POE Currency Buy. Depending on the nature of the gem, when you equip them in an item, you gain new skills.

In passive trees, where jewelry can be placed in certain locations, these POE Orbs can provide different types of improvements for your character. “Gemstones” are used in the device, so you can master new skills and zoom in by providing “likada” gemstones of a specific gem state. Of course, if you feel that it is too slow to get Path of Exile Currency in the game, you can buy it directly in MMOAH. This is a website I have always trusted, I think you can give it a try.

F: Ist das Spiel sehr teuer? Wie viel Geld braucht man, um zu spielen?
A: Nein. Erstens ist das Spiel selbst völlig kostenlos, ähnlich wie DOTA. Der Inhalt der Spielgebühr hat keinerlei Einfluss auf die Kampfdaten des Spiels. Es besteht auch die Notwendigkeit, etwas zu kaufen, um Ihre Grundbedürfnisse zu erfüllen, ähnlich wie auf der Runenseite von DOTA. Wenn Sie nichts kaufen, werden Ihre Kampfdaten nicht beeinflusst.
Und was Sie kaufen, ist vollständig permanent, wie z. B. die Warehouse-Seite, die für alle Jahreszeiten (einschließlich der temporären Herausforderungssaison) synchronisiert ist und keine zeitliche Begrenzung hat. Was die teuren betrifft, muss dies nicht berücksichtigt werden, die Exilroute ist grundsätzlich in allen Ländern und Regionen gleich, es wird nicht zu viele Preisunterschiede geben.

F: Ist es schwierig, loszulegen?
A: Der Einstieg ist nicht schwierig. Die Schwierigkeit liegt im gründlichen Verständnis des Spiels.
Aufgrund der Vielfalt des Gameplays wird es schwierig sein. Einige Leute werden sagen, dass es im alten Jahrhundert ziemlich viele Spiele gibt, aber es ist nicht schwierig. Warum ist das schwierig. Da dieses Spiel zu viel wissen muss, gibt es zu viele Mechanismen. Zum Beispiel gibt es auf der Homepage der offiziellen Website 261 Fähigkeitssteine, 1384 Talentpunkte und 23 Währungen.
Der Kampf gegen Monster erfordert Geschicklichkeit. Die meisten BDs wählen 6 Fertigkeitssteine ​​aus 261 Fertigkeitssteinen als Hauptausgabe aus, anstatt feste Fertigkeiten für jeden Beruf.
Bei den meisten Upgrade-Talenten werden 123 Talentpunkte aus 1384 Talentpunkten ausgewählt. Unterschiedliche BDs haben unterschiedliche Bewegungen anstatt festgelegter Methoden.
Der Handel erfordert Geld, und es gibt 23 Währungen, die für den Handel verwendet werden können, anstatt einer einzelnen Gold-, Silber- und Kupfermünze oder eines festen Verhältnisses.
Charaktere brauchen Ausrüstung, Ausrüstung muss Anhänge haben, jede Ausrüstung hat Anhänge, jede hat fast Dutzende, eine ist in zwei unterteilt, Unterpräfix-Suffix, Ausrüstungsbasis und Basis-Affix, Val-Affix, Verzauberung mit Verzauberungs-Affix, Meister-Handwerk Es gibt Meister Bastelzubehör usw., unter denen 7 ausgewählt sind. Klicken Sie auf https://www.mmoah.de/poe-items, um 23 Währungen zu prüfen. Jede Währung wird verkauft, und Sie können diese Währungen zum niedrigsten Preis kaufen.

F: Wie ist das Gleichgewicht des Spiels? Wird es eine professionelle Besetzung der Bestenliste sein, wie einige Spiele?
A: Nein. Balance wurde bereits gesagt, der Ladeinhalt des Spiels beeinflusst keine Kampfdaten des Spielcharakters (besser werden, keine Kampfdaten).
Andererseits war der Großteil der Sublimationsintensität nach der Sublimation in dieser Saison ungefähr gleich, es ist jedoch nicht garantiert, dass sie vollständig ausgeglichen ist. Genau wie der Held in LOL, egal wie Sie es ändern, wird es stärker sein, aber es wird immer Zurückhaltung geben. Der Held, Aufstellung, lässt ihn nicht das Spiel beherrschen. Path of Exile Currency kann dem Charakter helfen, das Set zu kopieren oder die Set-Eigenschaften zu ändern. Spieler können es versuchen.

F: Gibt es in dieser Saison einen wunderbaren Ort?
A: Alle 19 Sublimationen in dieser Saison wurden geändert, die meisten wurden verbessert und einige haben einen neuen Mechanismus hinzugefügt, und jede Karriere ist einen Versuch wert.
Unveiled in 2013, not many thought that will Path of Exile would become such an ARPG juggernaut along with eclipse even Diablo III with consistent new content along with replayability. Thanks to its masterful gem and proficiency node schemes, which enables characters to expand into many directions regardless of their particular initial origin, Path of Exile showed everyone how a real ARPG is done.

The latest expansion/season, Blight, itself brings enough reasons to yet again revisit this long-standing marvel of a free-to-play game. This period, the new Path of Exile season brings an even more involved approach as tower defense gameplay. Blight-enhanced creatures can only be successfully stopped by building defense structures. If you feel pressure in the new mode, you may need to buy POE Currency to upgrade yourself, recommend POECurrency.com to you, and my friends will also use it. Each tower can afflict the kind of damage the creature will be most vulnerable to. The defense towers convey each of the types of damage and also debilitating effects, such when shock, chill, freeze, use up, stun, and debuff. On top of that, certain towers can empower your character — if you ever prefer to use is because the main damage multiplier for further dynamic gameplay.

As an individual engage Blight in endgame road directions, you will have a chance to reap even greater returns, but the engagements will be far riskier. According that will Grinding Gear Games devs, these rewards could be the most rewarding yet. If you want to get these rewards, you can buy POE Currency Xbox at POECurrency.com make you stronger and get more rewards. This is a virtuous circle. Additionally Blight’s tower defense mechanic, the new season as well brings tweaks to personality specializations — mine saboteur, necromancer, and also poison assassin.

Every Path of Exile year further enhances the gameplay and increases the depth of already abundant content, but this season seems to supply more incentives than usual.
The new version is named: Withered, the most appealing new version in the new version is the new tower defense mode. In the Path of Exile, you need to build a defensive tower to prevent deadly spread and fight for time to defend protection it Among the monsters, except for this, the prototypes of Necromancer, Toxic Assassin, and Mine Saboteur Archetype are also worth your attention. The following changes will be explained in detail for you.

The Necromancer Archetype

Summoners are probably the most popular playstyles in Action RPGs. In Path of Exile: Blight we've significant revamped many Summoner mechanics along with the Witch's Necromancer Ascendancy Class. We have buffed the per-gem-level advancement of many minion types, added new Support gems which allow you to fine-tune minion behavior, revamped the Necromancer Ascendancy, introduced the Carrion Golem, added a high-level wand base type that will roll powerful minion mods and also have made all kinds of other changes. To support each of the new skills that you can get, we've added one more bar of skill bindings. POECurrency specializes in providing you with the latest POE news, POE Orbs.

The Poison Assassin Archetype

The Poison Assassin, once the most dominant play style in Path of Exile, is returning (almost) to its glory days! Blight adds a different poison themed Support Gem as well as a suite of five potent new poison-themed Skill Gems, including Cobra Lash, which chains a poisoned projectile regarding the foes. The new Elusive mechanic, supported by a different Ascendancy notable, provides powerful defensive opportunities and also a means of escape, while changes for the Perfect Agony Keystone Passive and multipliers for ailments from Critical Hits guarantee The Poison Assassin gets his mark.

The Mine Saboteur Archetype

We often received feedback that Mines, though strong, felt clunky to work with. In Blight, we've completely reworked my mechanics in the ground up. Thrown into a location as opposed to placed in your feet, Mines now deploy more speedily and detonate In sequence. Mine skills now also reward you for detonating long sequences. New and reworked Mine Support Gems, in addition to the mobile Skitterbots, provide new avenues for explosive power. All these additions are further enhanced by changes to your Passive Skill Tree along with The Saboteur Ascendancy Class. For more information, please pay attention to POECurrency.com, you also can Buy POE Currency at here.
Let the long-awaited Path of Exile latest update, blight, come soon. The new version provides a new tower defense style for some dungeon monsters. Combining the fast pace of the Path of Exile, with crazy action combined with the strategic behavior of the tower defense game, all this brings you an unparalleled experience, On the cursed Wraeclast continent, some fungi threaten the lives of humans and beasts. Fungi, and you need to eliminate these fungi with the help of the new NPC- Cassia sisters, cassia can build a dedicated pump, this pump can absorb toxic fungi, and in the process, there will be a variety of strange Fungus-contaminated monsters to stop you, these monsters are particularly hardy, you need to protect these devices so they won't be damaged by monsters.If you want a better experience, I suggest you Buy Chaos Orb at POECurrency.com.

When the fungus is attacked by the player, it will summon the monster to protect itself from attacking the player. These monsters will attack you from a fixed route. In addition to their efforts, the player needs to establish defense measures. Different towers are different abilities. The weakness of the monster is also different., players need to adjust their tactics promptly. The entire endgame map will include 24 different Blight encounters. In addition to the Blight experience, Path of Exile's main game process also adds many other features, which require you to discover and experience in the game. The prototype of the Toxic Assassin is another major update, and finally, my Saboteur. Mine Saboteurs has added three new lightning protection skills, while the skills have also been enhanced. POECurrency.com offer Path of Exile Currency, Make your gaming experience more refreshing.

With the countdown of ExileCon, Path of Exile players can expect Blight to arrive next month. Look for the 3.8.0 update on the PC on September 6th, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will get it on September 9.

Path of Exile developers has turned their attention to melee fighting in major reform games.

With the release of Path of Exile, the most recent release of Synthesis, developers have improved the projection mechanism for the experience. This is primarily an electronic number game because developers can almost rebalance all spells.

Next, melee fighting. In the article, Grinding Gear Games revealed that the melee fighting plan that will be implemented soon is not so cumbersome. Like casting, the studio plans to balance speed, accuracy, and value, and plan to create more changes.

More specifically, developers need to "tighten" the impression of the battle by making some changes to Path of Exile Currency the attack animation. These changes should include the 3.7.0 extension of the game, which is sometime in June.

"In addition to animation system improvements and melee skill rebalancing, we are experimenting with system changes such as precision, melee splash, reinforcement, various lift levels, passive trees, hit/miss feedback, melee basic types, motor skills, and melee Damage availability. The project," the developer wrote.

Because there are still a few changes in POE Exalted Orb the experimental phase, developers can't accurately tell the gamer all the details. All of this will be announced sometime in May, however, it will be announced months before the 7.0 extension.

Now, both consoles can take advantage of the "path of exile", and players are more welcome to this game experience than ever before, so these changes will certainly be welcomed by many people.

Another extension is in progress
If you haven't heard of it, the way of exile is often like a slow-moving reptile, it's actually free, like Diablo II: various skill paths and everything.
 Grinding Gear Games has been doing some tricks, affecting the game's micro-transactions, gacha-ridden free games and monetization systems, every bit of actual content, including huge expansions (they hired a lot of people to participate in every huge expansion) so much that There is no cost. Because they want to show the best side of the game to the players, a lot of hard work is not visible to everyone.

Another army will be launched on June 7. The name is very literal. When you fight with military leaders and elite enemies, the main purpose is to find more rewards and some overhaul mechanisms. Boulders will help you choose to Path of Exile Currency fight against more powerful enemies (the more difficult the level of success, the more rare loot you can get), the Legion Jewelry Mix skill tree, and more importantly, melee combat can be redesigned from the ground up, making you more A quick experience.

According to Grinding Gear Games, "sports skills are instant," melee attacks fly to nearby enemies. The animation system has also undergone major revisions, and the accuracy is "no longer related to 95%." To explain this, the studio rebalanced the entire early game.
In any case, the studio is working hard with a little bit of effort to make the most exciting game content and animation effects in front of us. So, I am very awesome that they are constantly making meaningful updates every time.

Unique monsters found in the first few moments will have valuable recipes related to them that will help Path of Exile players craft incredibly useful early-POE game items, like boots with a motion speed modifier.Later on, considerably more powerful recipes available up. Wilson says that Imprints are making a comeback, which allows you to make a replica of a magic item. For crafters, this is extremely useful since you can basically make a backup of a great magic thing base before trying high risk, high reward crafts to make the item better.


Of course, part of the enjoyment of challenge leagues like Bestiary is working path of exile currency  through the list of achievements in exchange for trendy cosmetic items, so Path of Exile players who do not enjoy crafting will nevertheless be invited to devote time shooting monsters. "We have attempted to kitchen-sink the crafting process in which potential so that there is interesting things to do that touches every aspect of it.


You can just make remedial items as you're playing, you are able to craft specific types of weapons that are rare," Wilson says.For endPOE sport Path of Exile players, Bestiary includes four new soul monster supervisors that can be recorded and utilized for crafting. These particularly demanding encounters offer up more than just more crafting choices, but but in addition Path of Exile's first-ever gear sets.


Contrary to Diablo 3, Path of Exile never had equipment that  chaos orbs unlocked special bonuses when wearing more than one piece of a particular set. These new soul animal sets change that, but using a special Path of Exile twist."Path of Exile doesn't really do set items historically," Wilson says. "They're cool because you get to focus your personality around one subject, but they are an issue since you concentrated your character around one subject and now you're the exact same as each other Path of Exile participant who did this. We have tried very difficult to make them all discretionary.

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