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Path of Exile developers has turned their attention to melee fighting in major reform games.

With the release of Path of Exile, the most recent release of Synthesis, developers have improved the projection mechanism for the experience. This is primarily an electronic number game because developers can almost rebalance all spells.

Next, melee fighting. In the article, Grinding Gear Games revealed that the melee fighting plan that will be implemented soon is not so cumbersome. Like casting, the studio plans to balance speed, accuracy, and value, and plan to create more changes.

More specifically, developers need to "tighten" the impression of the battle by making some changes to Path of Exile Currency the attack animation. These changes should include the 3.7.0 extension of the game, which is sometime in June.

"In addition to animation system improvements and melee skill rebalancing, we are experimenting with system changes such as precision, melee splash, reinforcement, various lift levels, passive trees, hit/miss feedback, melee basic types, motor skills, and melee Damage availability. The project," the developer wrote.

Because there are still a few changes in POE Exalted Orb the experimental phase, developers can't accurately tell the gamer all the details. All of this will be announced sometime in May, however, it will be announced months before the 7.0 extension.

Now, both consoles can take advantage of the "path of exile", and players are more welcome to this game experience than ever before, so these changes will certainly be welcomed by many people.

Another extension is in progress
If you haven't heard of it, the way of exile is often like a slow-moving reptile, it's actually free, like Diablo II: various skill paths and everything.
 Grinding Gear Games has been doing some tricks, affecting the game's micro-transactions, gacha-ridden free games and monetization systems, every bit of actual content, including huge expansions (they hired a lot of people to participate in every huge expansion) so much that There is no cost. Because they want to show the best side of the game to the players, a lot of hard work is not visible to everyone.

Another army will be launched on June 7. The name is very literal. When you fight with military leaders and elite enemies, the main purpose is to find more rewards and some overhaul mechanisms. Boulders will help you choose to Path of Exile Currency fight against more powerful enemies (the more difficult the level of success, the more rare loot you can get), the Legion Jewelry Mix skill tree, and more importantly, melee combat can be redesigned from the ground up, making you more A quick experience.

According to Grinding Gear Games, "sports skills are instant," melee attacks fly to nearby enemies. The animation system has also undergone major revisions, and the accuracy is "no longer related to 95%." To explain this, the studio rebalanced the entire early game.
In any case, the studio is working hard with a little bit of effort to make the most exciting game content and animation effects in front of us. So, I am very awesome that they are constantly making meaningful updates every time.

Unique monsters found in the first few moments will have valuable recipes related to them that will help Path of Exile players craft incredibly useful early-POE game items, like boots with a motion speed modifier.Later on, considerably more powerful recipes available up. Wilson says that Imprints are making a comeback, which allows you to make a replica of a magic item. For crafters, this is extremely useful since you can basically make a backup of a great magic thing base before trying high risk, high reward crafts to make the item better.


Of course, part of the enjoyment of challenge leagues like Bestiary is working path of exile currency  through the list of achievements in exchange for trendy cosmetic items, so Path of Exile players who do not enjoy crafting will nevertheless be invited to devote time shooting monsters. "We have attempted to kitchen-sink the crafting process in which potential so that there is interesting things to do that touches every aspect of it.


You can just make remedial items as you're playing, you are able to craft specific types of weapons that are rare," Wilson says.For endPOE sport Path of Exile players, Bestiary includes four new soul monster supervisors that can be recorded and utilized for crafting. These particularly demanding encounters offer up more than just more crafting choices, but but in addition Path of Exile's first-ever gear sets.


Contrary to Diablo 3, Path of Exile never had equipment that  chaos orbs unlocked special bonuses when wearing more than one piece of a particular set. These new soul animal sets change that, but using a special Path of Exile twist."Path of Exile doesn't really do set items historically," Wilson says. "They're cool because you get to focus your personality around one subject, but they are an issue since you concentrated your character around one subject and now you're the exact same as each other Path of Exile participant who did this. We have tried very difficult to make them all discretionary.


The hips have to poe orbs  be exposed, and instead the legs along with at the very least a piece of the buttock. What's the funniest thing, such a "bikini armor" always protects and its male counterpart.There are actually few fantasy games that have resisted the tendency of undressing female warriors. TERA certainly does NOT belong to this group. Contrary. Korean producers have headed the suits to ridiculous with armor.


Female costume designs in this game are so defiant and so lewdly tailored that their defensive function is essentially nil. Developers MMORPG have always liked to slim down feminine armor, but this game has attained a entirely new level in  path of exile currency  the area of ?? armor-bikini.TERA Gets Another Short Console Beta


Last week, MMO players interested in the upcoming console version of TERA got to try out a open beta. These days, the floodgates for your beta have started once again with a little restriction: testing is only available for users who engaged last weekend and have the customer downloaded.


These bugs have been fixed from last week's beta: Nearly all zones, such as major cities, will now offer you multiple Channels to switch between. On Xbox One, press the Menu button, and then press Y.Your UI will no more shut by itself when close other players having a pegasus or interacting with a teleportal. Nameplates for players and NPCs will no longer disappear and force you to restart the customer. We're raising the level cap to 58!

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