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It’s been a long time, but the free dungeon crawler, Path of Exile, finally launched the PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe.

This action RPG comes from Grinding Gear Games, launched in PC version in 2013 and launched Xbox One in 2017, which has won many praises over the years because it basically uses the Diablo formula and upgrades it to level 11. An isometric view that smashes hell from a group of bad guys and collects a lot of loot. The fact that the Path of Exile really stands out is that for a year, one metric ton of content has been piled up in the game, and some devices you may need POE PS4 Currency to purchase. In addition, you can play it 100% for free.

As of today, all these hacking, slashing and robbery have finally reached PlayStation 4. The file size of the game is only about 10 GB, but the description on the PlayStation Store indicates that you should have 15 GB available for saving. Either way, there isn't a lot of hard drive space compared to the ever-declining 50 to 100 GB behemoth, and the exile way can make you fascinated for many hours.

For the 1st to 6th players, this is a free game, obviously there are a lot of cosmetics and resource packs that can be purchased with real world money. Currently, there are a range of supporters available, ranging from $30 to $150. For example, the cheaper "Sunspire Supporter Pack" offers a range of cosmetic
POE Currency, armor kits, hideouts and frames in the Sunspire, and the Sunspire position.

Many players play Path of Exile and want to continue using the free PlayStation Plus package. These include a Fire Frog pet and an Infernal Skull helmet that will make them look like Scorpion is preparing for death.

Crunch is one of the most popular conversations in the gaming industry. It is reported that Epic's Fortnite, NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat 11 and Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2 and other big budget games have pushed developers to a very long work week. Based on this information, Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games vowed to avoid letting such things happen to employees.

''A recent important topic in the gaming industry is the development of austerity. Some studios have their team working 14 hours a day to package every patch, including the most fixes and improvements,” wrote Chris Wilson, CEO of Grinding Gear Games. "I won't run this company like that."

The news came from Reddit, and Wilson chose to answer growing concerns about the state of the game. "However, one thing that Q&A didn't solve was how we got here," Wilson led the position, referring to questions and answers scheduled later this week. "I want to personally post an explanation of what happened behind the scenes of Grinding Gear Games that caused this state."

In the post, Wilson elaborated on the studio project to address the Path of Exile issues currently encountered in the comprehensive update. “The synthesis is more than we expected,” Wilson wrote. “Although our improvements after the launch have helped a lot and many players like it, we fully admit that it is not our best league and does not meet the Path of Exile players' expectations for our quality standards and POE Currency standards. .''

According to the post, "a large number of key projects" occurred simultaneously. "From the final version of 3.7.0 to 4.0.0, we will make a massive and lasting basic improvement on the Path of Exile." Wilson said, ''Although this is a difficult task, the company based in New Zealand will not Overworked. ''

“Sometimes when we read our own Patch Notes thread and community feedback, we felt we were asked to do the same thing,” Wilson said. “Although there will inevitably be some optional overtime pay during the alliance release, the vast majority of the Path of Exile development cycle has a good work-life balance. This makes it necessary for our developers to stay healthy for a long time. , but it does. It means that some game improvements take a while to complete.''

As the action RPG finally appeared on the console, Wilson confirmed that the studio will make progress on console functionality despite our unfulfilled promises. So now POE Currency PS4 is also what players need.

But first, the update 3.7.0 will be covered in detail soon. Wilson said: "When we announce 3.7.0 in three weeks, you will see its alliance focus on repeatable fun, and combat transformation is very focused on improving the basic principles of the Path of Exile gameplay."

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