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Try to sleep as long as you need and prioritize your sleep hours. People need 8 hours, another 6 hours, others only with 4 are like a rose, and the laziest do not settle for 10. The important thing is that those hours are of rest, and are comfortable. Your feeling of rest should be full after waking up. Some studies even link lack of sleep to reduce dietary efforts to lose fat.


Leptin is called the hunger hormone. This is because it is one of the key hormones to activate when the body receives energy through food. When leptin is activated, the brain increases the ability to compensate for the feeling of hunger. In other words, the function of leptin is to discern how much energy is really necessary for a person.

Current studies affirm that a mutation in the production of the hormone leptin is a cause of obesity and overweight in adolescence. Just as it is a pattern that people who are overweight or obese develop a resistance to the hunger hormone. (2) The brain, as if it stops "seeing" excess fat , begins to believe that it needs more energy. What translates as a strong increase in appetite.

What is the function of leptin?

The main function of leptin is the regulation of appetite. When a person is malnourished, or malnourished; Leptin reduces the need for foraging. The combination with the hormone ghrelin is a strategy of the body to extend the capacity to resist a longer amount of time without eating. Resurge supplement

Current experiments have shown that a high level of the hormone leptin disables the feeling of hunger. In contrast, when leptin goes down, the brain receives the signal that the energy will be over soon. Therefore, it is considered necessary to urgently seek a new replacement of food.

Hunger hormone levels drop when exercise is increased. This explains the strong desire to eat after a swimming session or other aerobic exercises. Controlling leptin levels is essential to avoid gaining weight.


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