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Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) equipment is a relatively advanced equipment for processing and producing rice. Because of its automatic operation, high rice yield and no pollution, it is especially suitable for urban, rural and various types of rice processing plants. In order to help everyone have a clearer understanding of rice huller equipment, let us briefly introduce the advantages and methods of using rice huller equipment.

The main points of use of rice huller equipment:

1. Select high-quality rice huller equipment to ensure safety in use and operation, high service life, simple and convenient operation and maintenance.

2. Pay attention to the safe use and safe production of rice huller equipment. Master the operation skills of the equipment, standardize the operation methods, and be aware of the faults that may be encountered and will simply eliminate and repair the work.

3. Regularly overhaul the rice huller package to minimize the risk of equipment. Taking safety production, industrial hygiene, and ensuring the safety and health of employees in production, the safety behavior of people and the material conditions required for safe production are regulated from the aspects of management, production technology and equipment use.

4. Rice huller equipment should always pay attention to the contents of food hygiene, food quality, food nutrition and other related aspects during the processing. In order to ensure the normal operation, safety and health, energy saving and maintenance of the production line, ensure the advanced, rational and reliable of the whole line of the production line.

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The applicability of Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) equipment is an important part of ensuring continuous operation, balanced production, processing performance, and product quality. The set of principles is to achieve a reasonable economic scale, meet the technical requirements of the process and a reasonable match between equipment and equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation, safety and sanitation, energy saving and maintenance of the equipment production line, ensure the advanced, rational and reliable of the whole line of the production line.

The loss of rice grader equipment in use is divided into physical wear and intangible loss. Therefore, enterprises should take corresponding measures to avoid various losses in the production of equipment to better realize the production performance of rice grader equipment.

Enterprises should fully grasp the maintenance measures of rice grader equipment, and reduce the maintenance cost of equipment as much as possible to improve the economic benefits of the standby enterprises.

Rice grader equipment is a cost-effective grain processing machine. Many people in the operation of rice grader equipment, because of various reasons such as improper operation or loss, and can not get the expected economic benefits, so be sure to pay attention to the above requirements when using the equipment.

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Characteristics of Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) equipment

1. The process is perfect. The rice grader equipment are all automated and continuous operation from raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, rice graded bagging and power distribution. The process is smooth and easy to operate and maintain.

2. Low energy consumption, rice grader equipment avoids the traditional high-energy consumption equipment, all adopt new energy-saving equipment, and the unit energy consumption of the whole machine is minimized.

3. Advanced technology, the rice grader equipment adopts the new technology of first shelling and light grinding, which completely solves the problem of hard milling with shells in the traditional process, easy to grind and uneven grinding.

4. Advanced equipment, high-efficiency cleaning equipment, high-efficiency shelling equipment, new grinding equipment and rice high-efficiency grading equipment. The application of these new technologies and equipment makes the equipment have a high yield rate, a low broken rice rate, and a bright finished product.

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Material blockage will seriously affect the production of Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) equipment, and serious machine failure, damage to the machine, affecting production efficiency, so we must pay great attention to this problem. When the rice grader equipment is processed and produced, material blockage sometimes occurs. This is generally caused by the blockage of the screen caused by the rice grain being too wet or other reasons. At this time, the problem of blockage should be treated to make the rice The production of rice grader equipment is smoother.

The effective principle of preventing the hole-blocking method in the long-term research and application of rice grader equipment vibration equipment should be that the direction of the force of the particles is pushed in the opposite direction to the embedding direction, so that the screen surface produces a second vibration, that is, the vertical frequency of the screen surface is vertical. The vibration in the direction of the screen surface is simple, not easy to damage, and does not require frequent maintenance. The vibrating circular screen prevents the plugging by means of an eccentric structure that produces a motion perpendicular to the direction of the screen surface, thereby causing the particles to fall out of the holes.

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In the process of processing and production of Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) equipment, it is necessary to ensure that all the processes are in compliance with the sanitary standards. Because rice is a food, in order to prevent everyone from getting sick, the hygiene standards for rice grader equipment have always been The strict standards of implementation require that the corresponding rules be observed during the operation of the processing equipment. Only when all is done can it be said that it meets the sanitary standards.

The rice grader equipment adopts gear reduction transmission structure, which has the advantages of simple structure, compactness, convenient operation, no complicated maintenance and long service life. Its face bucket, made of stainless steel and special surface treatment, is absolutely in line with hygienic standards. When the rice grader equipment is in use, it must be operated according to the rules.

The rice grader equipment has small footprint, beautiful appearance, compact structure, low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple and reliable operation, high degree of automation, low noise, no dust and other advantages.

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1. When the crushing amount of Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) equipment is reduced and the powder output or production value is not normal, the screw shaft should be taken out to check the wear of the pressed strip, the squeeze screw and the cake ring, and the worn parts should be replaced in time. The parts of the oil should be protected from dust and other impurities. Check the oil quality of the gearbox once a year. If it is found to be deteriorated, replace all oil.

2. Establish a solid standard of “quality of goods”. Without quality, you don't think about production value. Without quality, there is no mall. Without quality, there is no profit. Without quality, there is no life. Therefore, we must find ways to ensure high quality, stable production, high yield, safety and low consumption. It is to improve the powder yield and output value under the premise of ensuring quality.

3. In the treatment of rice grader equipment, adhere to the "dead machine, live operation" "old machine, new operation" guidelines. Equipment conditions are not good or incomplete, and the equipment is carried forward with maximum skill.

4. Strictly operate according to the operation rules of rice grader equipment, do a good job of safety protection measures, fulfill the maintenance and repair guidelines for processing equipment, and guard against equipment sickness. Operation with strict rules of procedure can prevent errors in the production process. The objectives of the rules of the operating procedures are probably determined by various operational methods to ensure completion. These are also criteria for measuring the correctness of the operational approach.

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In the process of production and sales of the Rice Grader(LIANGGONG), the problem encountered by the manufacturer is that it is relatively blocked on the sales road. Why is this said? The main reason is that the degree of automation of agricultural production in China is still relatively low. The recognition is not high.

Many people still rely on the sun to dry after harvesting crops, such as wheat, sesame, corn, etc, but this is the process, but it should be noted that in fact, processing will be easy because of weather changes. The loss is generated, and the rice grader is more stable, and it is not easy to cause problems, which is a good guarantee for the interests of agricultural producers.

In order to enhance the understanding of our agricultural production machinery for our automated production machinery, on the one hand, we need to increase the intensity of publicity and expand the channels of publicity. On the other hand, we must also improve the quality of the rice grader, so that everyone feels super The value will only increase sales.

The company reserves the secondary and senior management, production and technical professionals to supply high-quality products and excellent service based on the scientific management and latest technology. It sticks to the tenet of “quality foremost, faith as essential”to insistently respond customers with high-quality products and perfect after service.The sales networks of the company are covered all over China as well as South American, South East Asia, Africa etc.The company cordially welcomes all of you to visit us for the win-win future.

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The Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) machine is a machine for producing rice, mainly for the separation of chaff and rice. The invention of the rice huller machine allowed us to eat the fragrant rice. Here is a brief introduction to the use of the rice huller machine.

Rice huller is an indispensable part of rice quality testing and rice processing. At this stage, small-scale rice huller machine is often used. In rice production, enterprises use small rice huller machine to not only understand rice in time. The nature of the processing technology, while also being able to guide the production of rice plants, significantly improve the economic benefits of rice plants. Rice huller machine is a kind of rice shelling product which can completely separate the chaff at one time, with low noise, small volume, beautiful appearance, small footprint and high shelling rate. The separation of the chaff in a short period of time is widely used in various quality inspection institutions, grain enterprises, agriculture, food processing and scientific research institutions such as rice quality testing equipment.

The basic condition for the normal operation of the Shigu machine head is that there is a certain gap between the two rubber rollers that rotate in opposite directions, a certain pressure and a certain line speed difference. The changes of these three are more obvious and have a greater impact. The two roll gap is also called the rolling distance. The grain passes through the gap, and the size of the rolling distance affects the angle of the rolling angle and the final rolling angle. Theoretically, the condition that the grain enters the roll is that the rolling angle is smaller than the friction angle between the grain and the rubber roll surface. The larger the rolling distance, the smaller the rolling angle. However, when the rolling distance is too large, the working length of the rubber roller will decrease, and the shelling rate will decrease. The rolling distance is generally about 0*55 and varies slightly with the size of the grain. The size of the rolling distance determines the pressure of the grain entering the two rolls. This pressure includes the surface of the rubber roller after being squeezed by the grain. Elastic deformation caused by elastic deformation. The smaller the rolling distance, the larger the roll surface deformation, the greater the elastic force, and the greater the pressure on the grain. The appropriate pressure between the rolls is calculated according to the calculation of the elastic force generated by the deformation of the rubber roller.

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The common equipments of the Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) machine are three types: rubber roller glutinous rice huller machine, sand tray glutinous rice huller machine and centrifugal glutinous rice huller machine. The details of the operation, advantages and disadvantages of these three kinds of grain processing equipment are as follows.

Rubber roller tamping huller machine: The main working part is a pair of horizontal rubber rollers or plastic rollers that are bonded or set on the cast iron cylinder. The axes of the two rollers are located in the same horizontal plane or slightly different in height, and are rotated at different rotational speeds. One roller is fixed in position and the other roller can be moved to adjust the rolling distance between the rollers. The difference between the line speeds of the two rolls is 2 to 3.2 m/s, and the sum of the line speeds should not exceed 30 m/s.

Sand disc smashing huller machine: With the upper and lower round diamond discs, the upper disc is fixed, the lower disc is rotated, and the line speed is 20~25 m/s. The rice is shelled in the two sand discs due to the end-pressure tearing action. The advantage is that the brown rice has less bursting waist, the sand disc is more wear-resistant than the rubber roller, and the processing cost is low; the disadvantage is that the shelling rate is low and the broken rice is more. Compared with other grain processing equipment, its main working part is a ring-shaped emery disc which is bonded with cast iron disc. The upper and lower discs are fixed on the upper disc, and the lower disc rotates and can move up and down according to the grain size of rice. The size adjusts the gap (rolling distance) between the upper and lower sand discs.

Centrifugal smashing huller machine: The main working part is a rotating shovel, and the outside is a fixed impact ring. The rice enters the work area and is accelerated by the slamming disk. It flies to the impact ring by means of centrifugal inertial force, and is shelled due to impact. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and management, low power consumption and low processing cost; only the broken rice is more, and the rice yield is low.

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White Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) screen is a new type of white rice grader equipment adopting spring struts. It utilizes the difference of rice granule size and separates the whole rice, general rice and large by continuous sieving of four layers of different diameter circular sieve plates. Broken and small pieces to achieve the purpose of white rice classification. The machine can also be used for the classification of white rice, which is an ideal equipment in the screening and finishing process of modern rice milling enterprises.


The machine screen body adopts the boom type structure, driven by the drive system obtained by the national patent technology, belt drive, compact and reasonable structure, stable and reliable operation, simple and convenient maintenance, low noise, long service life and good performance;

The sieve grid adopts a drawer structure, which is convenient for the user to adjust and replace the sieve grid with different apertures, and is suitable for the classification and finishing of different granular rice. The content of broken rice in the whole rice is small, and the output and classification effect can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of users.

Adopting 6-point spring strut structure, the mechanical performance is stable and reliable, the balance is good, and it is durable.

The four-layer sieve plate is used to extract the whole rice twice, and the yield is high, and the separation effect is good.

The motor with stepless speed regulation mechanism has large shifting range, small inertia, high reliability and long sieving stroke.

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