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As the title of the story we can understand that subject of the story will be different. At first, I haired the story of this movie from my neighbor.

This is the story about thinking, that how we can think about someone, how they are pretending to be, this is real or not, this is story is  all about. This will increase your psychological level.

This story is about investigation of a girl child, who suddenly disappeared, from the place where she had having holiday with the parents. This is story continuous with that. All I can say is, this is not a boring story at all ,because this has so many amazing characters and cast. Thriller scene can be also  seen in the movie. Suspects are the part of the movie because this is a missing story. This  story has the kind of characters which will show you the sense of selfishness . You can watch this kind of human nature in the movie when the resort owner didn't want to have the police investigation of the missing case in his hotel. But investigation starts. Actually this is suspense movie so it will surprise you at every moment. You can see some thing different at every moment, you can also see so many characters which will reveal so many things in front of you and this will make the movie more entertaining for you. Some investigation scenes and some investigation  things you will be able to see in the movie. This is something like, what is happening in front of you is not real reality, behind it ,it is something different, the story is based upon this structure.

Watch the psychological journey and download it from vidmate app.

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Everybody watches Bollywood movies as their source of entertainment but it will be more good and better that it will contain some knowledge as a source of entertainment. I like to watch historical movie  and the story I am going to share with you is one of my favorite historical movie.

In the pages of history, queens have also very important place at it. And we know that famous Queen who is important and lead role in the movie. From the childhood that Queen was so beautiful and talented and have many things which contain magic in it. She was the pride of her parents and her parents loves her so much in the movie.

Another seen you can also watch in the movie that is a scene of a king who is another level of talented and very justified King for the nation. He marries the queen and take her with him. In this way the story continues. As this is movie so you can see the action scenes and some amount of dramatic scene.

But as this is related to the history you will gain knowledge at its every stage.

You will see a person who knows to apply magics on people and things, and he was found of singing, this was another character of the movie. You can watch this character as villain of the movie.

You will see lot of things related to the history ,that who was right on which thing and the dates.

The character of the villain, is now back to take revenge, and was trying to attack. This is most powerful scene of the movie.

Overall this movie has another level of impact on me because this is something related to the history which is knowledgeable.

So download this amazing historic movie from the Vidmate Apk file.

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High definition videos are also called 1080 p resolution videos. High definition videos are a level hire in comparison of standard definition videos. High definition video means higher number of pixels. The more the number of pixels the higher is the picture quality of the video. Nowadays even the TV channels have become available in in high definition. Most of the videos on internet are also available in higher definition. Lately 4K videos and 360 degree videos are also introduced on internet. The introduction of such videos is increasing the competition among main cause of videos and movies because such kind of videos are bringing more clarity and acuteness in the display of videos the easiest way to get apps are 9apps Apk store. Most of the people like to download videos because there are a number of videos such as video songs which the user like to watch or listen to repeatedly and for device man it is not fine to stream a video again and again and waste the data of device in repeated streaming of a video. Once the video has been downloaded the user can watch it for as many number of times as the user want to and can even easily play the video in any big device through USB.

vidmate apps  for downloading HD videos

There are many apps which are available online by using which the user can download high definition videos for free. If the user is downloading an app from play store then the user can decide whether the user want to download the app for downloading videos or not by reading the reviews of the app and also so bye reading the information which is given on the play store about the app. The information provided by the play store on the app and the reviews of users help other users to determine whether the app should be downloaded in the device or not for the purpose of video downloading because the decision of appropriate app for downloading videos is crucial. If the user has not downloaded and installed a safe and secure app then it can devastate the device of the user.

Vidmate apk HD video downloader

HD video downloader is an app by using which the user can download the online streaming videos in smartphone. By using this downloader the user can download multiple videos in the device and by putting multiple videos on download the user can not only save time but also the data of device because downloading of multiple videos consume less data.

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Hindi movies are a wholesome entertainer. An individual can watch these movies with family and friends. Thousands of movies are made in Bollywood every year and the subject matter with which these movies deal is also very different. Sometimes it happens that a movie becomes available online and anyone can watch such movie even before the release and this whole process is called the leaking of movie. The websites that leak movie also pirate the movie within a few hours of it release. Piracy and movie leaking cause financial loss to the movie makers.

Hindi movies of the year 2018

Many movies were released in the year 2018. Sanju, padmaavat, Simba, andhadhun, thugs of Hindustan, race 3, badhai ho, padman etc. were released. Most of these movies did good business but there are few major movies which were lead online even before the release. The first such movie in the list is thugs of Hindustan. This film was lead online within a few hours of its release in the theatre. This negatively affected the overall earning of the film. When a movie is leaked online then people prefer to watch it either online or in downloaded form. Leaking movies online is also illegal but it hardly affects those people who leak movies.

Leaked movies of the year 2018

Apart from thugs of Hindustan the other movies that were leaked in the year 2018 were sanju, sui dhaga, andhadhun, simmba, robot 2.0, kala etc. These movies were made available online within a few minutes of release you can check on vidmate. The leaked movies were made available for download by these websites. People also get a nice option in form of leaked movies. Without investing a single penny people are able to watch the latest movies. People don’t even need to step out of the premises of the house to watch the latest movie. 

9apps App

The practice of leaking movies online is very harmful for the business of film industry. The whole team involved in movie making suffer loss due to this practice. Sometimes movie makers suffer huge losses due to leaking of movie and piracy. The movie is not even able to earn the cost of it’s making. Movies are leaked online because of the mindset of profiting without putting in much effort. The people who leak movies online have links with the movie making teams and because of these links people are able to leak movies. You can download unlimited applications for free through 9apps App store.


Vidmate youtube download

Vidmate is an application with which you can download recordings on your cell phone. It is good with practically all video gushing and sharing locales. It gives you the opportunity to finish numerous downloads at the same time with an instinctive interface. It is fundamentally utilized for downloading recordings from the Internet. It bolsters all the principle videosites like YouTube, DailyMotion. Need to download various recordings on the double? This application will oversee.

Features of VIDMATE

·         built-in browser apps support chrome, Mozilla, Internet explorer, opera etc.

·         built-in media player in vidmate

·         download in  mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, mov, avi, wmv.

·         Auto detect videos

·         Download manager to pause, resume and remove downloads

·         Download several files at the same time

·         Background video download

·         Hard drive / SD card supported

There is no compelling reason to hold up till the principal record is downloaded on the grounds that you can download numerous recordings at the same time from this application. In Vidmate, you can quit downloading the video and after certain hours or minutes you can download the auto timing. That is, regardless of whether you get consideration, this application will begin downloading around then.

All you know about  apps - VIDMATE

It is unimaginable to expect to download recordings legitimately from YouTube. There are numerous application choices remembering the requirements of the client. However, YouTube Downloader HD is one of only a handful couple of alternatives that can be utilized to download recordings legitimately from YouTube. YouTube Downloader HD is a free apparatus with which top notch recordings can be downloaded from YouTube. Just the URL of the video can be downloaded by replicating with the assistance of this product with no content and program module. When the video is downloaded, you can spare it to your hard drive.

Not just this, after this you can likewise change over your preferred video to the arrangement. For instance, you can change over video documents to AVI, MP4 or FLV group. This application can be downloaded effectively. You need to duplicate your preferred URL of the video and duplicate it in the product.  The video will begin downloading when you click on start. It additionally bolsters Unicode. That is, it additionally secures unknown dialects like unique characters. Aside from this, it is likewise ready to spare enormous video documents.


This Vidmate app has been so popular that within no seconds it has gained colossal popularity among various Android communities. Not only that, it seems to be the speedest and best YouTube video downloader app in the whole market industry as of now. Thus this Vidmate APK old version assumes the download of YouTube videos in MP3 as well and assists you in saving your time and space on your internet. The major important part of this vidmate APK is that it never requires any kind of extra plugin or other process as well. Through the access of this app you can also assume for the download of MP4 videos acquiring various multiple resolutions, ranging from 144 pixles to 1080 pixels. And hence, you just need to share the button in order to connect with Vidmate and automatically the video gets downloaded from various other social networking sites. The actual meaning is this that the user can easily obtain any audio and video which is present in any player and seize the optimization of it straightly on your device. This becomes useful when you listen to songs without viewing a video in it and can record these audios and video from it.


With the assistance of Vidmate older version user can obtain the download of videos from video streaming sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Vuclip and many others.

Vidmate app is very well generated with high-quality videos varying from 360px upto 1080px which can never be found in any other video downloader site.

Apart from videos, even audio files can also be downloaded through the assistance of Vidmate Video downloader.

Quicker downloading modes is the best ultimate feature being optimized in Vidmate in the older version download.

Vidmate arrives with inbuilt video and audio player in it.

The app is assisted with plenty of other languages in it in order to make the users to utilize the app as per their preferred language.

Thus, more than two videos can be easily downloaded at the very same time from the access of Vidmate APP.

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You can download all latest teugu movie through this apk. Off course i am talking about an entertaining apk that is vidmate apk. This apk is full of fun and very easy and also free to use. 

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