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Nutrition is the process of obtaining and providing an organism with the necessary food required for good health and personal growth. Josephine’s culture is diverse because her mother is from Honduras while her father is from Guatemala. Despite the fact that Honduras borders on Guatemala in the west, they both have notable differences in their cultural orientations. Due to her parents’ inter-marriage, Josephine’s culture can be described as the culture of diversity. The family’s shared beliefs and values have influenced her culture largely by the integration and because the she was raised by parents with different cultural philosophies.

The preparation of traditional meals by Josephine’s mother has also influenced her culture. Traditional food comprises culturally acceptable items that are gathered locally in the natural environment. Josephine’s mother embraced the ideology of cooking traditional meals similarly to many other people doing the same for self-realization and the sense of belonging. Having been raised in a family where traditional food is a norm, Josephine’s culture has been nurtured diversely.

Josephine is a student who partly works as a salsa instructor. Working as an instructor enables her to mingle and socialize with many people with different social positions. Variances in social customs are based on one’s cultural upbringing, which in Josephine’s case has led to her cultural diversification. She meets and interacts with various people whose cultural orientations differ depending on where they are from. Such a thing always leads to an adoption of others’ habits. Social customs have influenced Josephine’s culture majorly because of her daily interaction with people unlike her.

How Josephine’s Culture Affects Her Food Choices

Josephine’s culture of diversity has altered her eating habits in a major way. She was raised in a family where fried foods are preferred, which propelled her to exercise more so that she could reduce the calories. Working as a salsa trainer required her keeping fit and encouraged her to try to avoid fried food and junk because they contain too many calories. It has proved to be hard because she has not been able to tell her mother how she feels about the meals she cooked. She has thence opted to exercise more which led to excessive exhaustion. Late classes made her skip having dinner, which is a habit that affects one’s eating routine.

Change of Counseling Strategies to Establish a Trusting Relationship with Josephine

The vital goal of any counselor is to build a trustworthy relationship with his patients. Counselling strategies can be altered in order to gain the patients’ trust, which is essential for assessing the therapy’s accomplishments. There are various ways I could use to gain Josephine’s trust as a counselor. Counselling requires patience and flexibility, and allowing her to share at her pace despite the counselors set timeline, would enable to modify the therapy’s course and gauge her progress. Practicing and maintaining positive regard during the therapy session would allow her to be honest and forthcoming about her feelings hence establishing a trusting relationship with her.

Multicultural Communication Skills to Use for a Successful Nutrition Session

Some of the multicultural communication skills I would use to make the session a success include non-verbal communication, active listening, and observations. These skills are vital in providing essential information and reducing the risk of misunderstanding.

In conclusion, nutrition professionals face various challenges because of the cultural population diversity. Therefore, it is crucial to explore a patient’s cultural background in order to get an insight of the patient’s needs.

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Technology is now being treated as the silver bullet to all the things wrong with the current form of education. Although there’s no denying to the great things' information technology have done or can do to education, it does have its drawbacks especially a child’s mind.

Though the drawbacks are subjective to each individual child, let’s look at some of the general negative influence of information technology on a child’s education.

Kills creativity

Gone are the days when children had to read a lot of books about a subject then articulate the information they gathered from different sources into their assignment. Now because of highly efficient search engines, they can just type in their question and get specific answers relevant to their question. This kills their creativity as all they have to do now is rewrite the answer on the website into their own words just putting a synonym here and there.

Reduces attention span

The human brain was designed to keep you alive in the wild, well that time is long gone but the brain has evolved Essay Writing Service little. Our brain is always hunting for new information, no matter if its understanding quantum mechanics or how Meghan Markle did her hair today! As they hoard the web with new information, our mind is prone to get distracted. According to a study, students can only focus on one thing about 3 to 5 minutes tops before switching to another task.

Obesity issues

Though unhealthy diet plays a crucial role in boosting weight gain, sedentary lifestyle encouraged by technologies like smartphones and tablets plays a role too. Children will not burn all those calories while sitting on the couch playing video games. Excess weight or physical inactivity might also reduce a child's brainpower at the cellular level, by causing inflammation and other harmful biological processes. Therefore, it’s crucial for parents and educators to encourage children to engage in physical activities.


 Anyone can post on the internet; even though this may look like a great thing, it can be a source of misinformation too students may include false facts or cite the false sources. This will confuse the child as it’s hard to double-check every fact and even if they do it, It will eat up a lot of time which could have been utilized for productive uses.


It’s no surprise, that in the modern world Essay Help technology is the biggest source of distraction for students.students often get hugely involved in their messages, social media, and even taking selfies when they had originally picked up the gadget to research something for their homework due to their short attention spans as discussed earlier. Social media apps like Instagram and snap chat that bombard students with notifications can be really distracting.

Depression and anxiety

Social media is found to be a major cause of deteriorating mental health, primarily for the younger population. According to research by Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University, students that spend over 5 hours a day using social media are 71% more likely to have at least one suicide factor such as depression, thinking about suicide, making a suicide plan or attempting suicide.

Even with all these social media apps, young people are more lonely, anxious and depressed than ever. About one-third of teens surveyed by the centre of disease control said they’d felt persistent sadness or hopelessness.

Less quality sleep

Playing video games on handheld devices before sleep causes overstimulation to a child’s brain making it harder to relax and go to sleep. Video games and watching content is so addictive that children trade their sleep hour with using a smartphone. This results in fewer sleep hours before school, due to this student will struggle to focus on the school, which will have an adverse effect on their academic performance.

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An area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines to work like humans. This specific area is a source of development for many businesses and the IT world. Some of the activities are not possible without the use of this technology named artificial intelligence.

The activities are as follows:

·       • Learning

·        • Planning

·        • Problem Solving

·        • Speech identification

·        Knowledge delivery

In the near time of modernism, the goal is to keep an AI technology updated with the best Cheapest Essay Writing Service impacts on society and the world of IT. Artificial intelligence is working on almost every aspect, like, verification centers, security rooms, control sectors, and so on.

Artificial intelligence is a kind of technology that works according to your demands and concerns. It is said that artificial intelligence can change the business forever by finding solutions to complex business problems. There’s no denying that in the technical world, artificial intelligence is powering up the enhancement of the latest innovations, trends, and forecasts.

Artificial intelligence is an approach that transforms the businesses, their products, customer experiences, and their services. There are many other benefits take place in the development of business, discussed below:

Improvement of Customer Services

The use of virtual assistant programs can help you providing real-time support to your customers so you won’t need another person to guide them for billing purposes and other small tasks.

Systematize the Workload

Collecting and analyzing the data would not be the easiest if not perform in smart ways and with appropriate use of the algorithm. However, with artificial intelligence, you can have that work done at your desk.

Increase efficiency

It helps increase the efficiency of tasks, for instance, automation of the production line by incorporating industrial robots that help you and your company completing the mundane tasks.

Management of Data

Artificial intelligence can help you interpret and mine the data by providing more efficiency and meaningful insight into the assets. It helps you not only with the management of data but also by analyzing the brand. 

Improves business optimization

Artificial intelligence increases the productivity and operational techniques that would help your business grow and due to automated processes in the organization, it makes any adjustment in real-time.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are two types of artificial intelligence, discussed below:

·         • Machine Learning

·         • Deep Learning

Machine Learning:

It is a subfield of artificial intelligence that provides the machines those skills to learn without being overly programmed.

Deep Learning: It is a specialized machine learning technique that impersonates human behavior by mimicking the brain that permits machines to train themselves to perform tasks.

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An essay about yourself is aimed at producing an autobiographical piece to discuss writer’s life. The essay should not include any fiction. Some people find this task a real challenge as they are supposed to squeeze their life into just a couple paragraphs. The writer has to talk about the most crucial moments of his/her life. One should not forget that this essay is written in the third person. Do not merely create a list of events. Your essay should not be boring. Try to describe a peculiar experience dissertation methodology example. Here are some of the essential tips, which you should keep in mind when writing an essay about yourself. In the essay, you need to provide the answers to six questions, namely:

Who are you?

Where do you come from?

What are you interested in?

What talents do you have?

What are your major achievements?

What were the most life-changing challenges?

Starting an Essay about YourselfStart with a list of things you would like to include. The list will then help you create a plan of the essay. Narrow it to the most crucial information. Keep in mind that the essay should be easy to read and should grab reader’s attention at a first glance.
IntroductionThe essay is about your life; therefore, try to find an original approach to introducing yourself. The introduction should be catchy so that the reader would like to follow reading the essay. Avoid starting your essay with a typical sentence that tells your name and the date of your birth.
Essay BodyThis is the part of the essay meant to discuss your background. You need to tell about your interests and achievements in just a few paragraphs. Therefore, start with a paper draft. Dedicate each paragraph to a separate idea. All the information should be presented in a logical order. Smooth transitions will help the reader track everything faster and enjoy the reading experience in the end.

ConclusionEvery essay should end with a conclusion. If you were describing a life-changing experience in your essay, then you may want to tell what you have learned from this specific case. It is better to read your essay body for a couple times prior to completing the conclusion.
The Importance of the Essay about YourselfMost of the time, you will need to write an essay about yourself as a part of other task for a college admission. This task should show the admission board that their college would benefit from having such a student. It is even more important if you are requesting scholarship. In your essay, you need to describe your academic skills. College will support successful students only. Besides college, you may need to prepare an essay about yourself as a part of job interview materials. Throughout the life, you will need to tell about yourself a lot, and it is always better to be ready for such a talk.

Finishing TouchesIf you want to write a perfect essay about yourself, then you need to put some effort into your work. Here are some tips one should pay attention to. Read the paper twice. Do not underestimate the importance of proofreading. It helps to notice grammar errors you might have made. It can help detect clumsy sentence structures and inappropriate language. Grammar checking software. Online grammar checking software may help spot even minor grammar mistakes you may have overlooked. It may be helpful, especially if you are running out of time. Get someone else involved. Ask a friend or a family member to read the paper and give feedback. It may help you make proper amendments.


It is common for a student to be in a position when they have too much work to do, and the time is limited. There can be so many assignments to complete at the same time. There can be a quiz or an exam next day with a substantial course yet to prepare. Or else, there can be a very difficult math assignment to deal with. One thing common in all these situations is the pressure. The student is under immense pressure to achieve the target. If the goal is missed, it can mean failure in terms of a poor grade which eventually reflects in the compromised overall result. Therefore, it is very important for students to learn how to manage things under pressure. Here are three very important tips for you.


Cool Yourself Down

The first and the most important tip for you in any kind of difficult situation is to take measures to cool yourself down. Under immense pressure, such activities might seem like a wastage of time, but honestly, two minutes of cooling down can do wonders and mean the difference between success and failure. Human tendency to achieve targets is compromised when they cannot think rationally. And difficult situations bring about just the same pressure. You need to take steps that will keep your mind cool and balanced. Some ways to achieve this include, sitting down if you are standing up, lying down if you are sitting, taking a quick shower, drinking a glass of water, or closing your eyes for two minutes. Activity that works varies from one individual to another. Only you can tell what will work best for you. Do that but don’t make it longer than two minutes!


If You Can’t Have Them All, Choose!

Quite possibly, you cannot do everything, so you have to make choices. Prioritize the works on your list in the order of importance. See which work you cannot afford losing. It is possible that some works can be delayed but you never thought about it that way. Focus on the works that matter the most in terms of your academic evaluation, and start over with them.


Prioritize Subparts Within the Most Important Work

Even within the work you deem most important, there can be parts that are more important than others. In an ideal situation, you will prepare all parts. But when the clock seems to be ticking too fast, make choices even within the most important work. For example, if it is a course you have to cover for an exam tomorrow, sort out the topics in the syllabus in order of their chances of inclusion in the question paper. You may consult your peers in this regard. Start preparing the most important topics first, and then go with the rest.


Possibly, you have an essay to write, and it seems too difficult or you think it is impossible to handle it. This is also a situation of pressure. You may use a cheap essay writing service us in this case.


Typically, an essay has three main parts namely: introduction, body, and conclusion. Each section follows specific writing conventions which if ignored can significantly affect the quality of your paper. This article describes some of the things that you need to do to end up with an excellent essay.

1. The Introduction

An introduction presents the writer's position about an issue in your topic. It should start with an attention-grabbing phrase to encourage the reader to read on. You can use a relevant quotation (for instance, "no man's an island"), a question or surprising information (for example, “nine out of ten physicians report that…”) to catch the attention of your reader.

Next, you need to formulate a strong thesis. The thesis statement has to be clear so that your reader can understand your position about the issue you want to discuss. The thesis can be one or two sentences at the end of the introductory paragraph.

With the thesis statement, you can provide a preview of the points that you will employ to support your position in the rest of the paper. The preview informs the reader of the things in the coming paragraphs and also helps them understand the subject of the essay.

Lastly, the last sentence of the introduction should introduce the readers to the starting paragraph of the body of the paper. An excellent introduction should be three to four sentences long. You, therefore, need edit yours if it is longer.

2. The Body

The body is the middle part of your essay. It comprises the points or the arguments in support of the thesis statement. The first paragraph of the body should carry the most substantial evidence that supports the thesis. It should have a topic sentence that directly connects with the preview in the introduction.

3. The Concluding Paragraph

The conclusion is not an afterthought, but an essential part of an essay. It gives the writer the last opportunity to make his/her case. The length of the concluding paragraph should be three to four sentences. It should open with a transition phrase (such as, in sum, in conclusion, and the like) followed by a reaffirmation of the thesis statement and a review of the key ideas from the body of your essay.  Remember to change the wording of the thesis statement to avoid redundancy. The closing sentence of the conclusion should call your reader to a specific action, in addition to signaling the end of the discussion.

I hope that the above tips will help you become a good writer. However, you can still seek the help of a professional writing service if you are not able to draft any part of the essay. So if you lack time and knowledge, do not hesitate and place your order for an outstanding paper. myessayservice and others will guide you step by step in your writing or write the paper on your behalf. That way, you will be able to submit well-written work to your teacher.







To gain the ability to deliver an excellent essay, youfirst have to have a clear message that you intend to provide through your essay. This means that you need to organize all your key points, get supporting evidence and provide various proof based arguments either in favor or against the subject matter. essay writing is a talent that anybody can learn once they have acquired the necessary skills for writing a basic essay.

Your essay should accurately provide concrete information, a debatable thesis statement and relevant supporting evidence, either from one's knowledge or external sources of information. You can easily steer clear of some of the more common essay mistakes most students fall victim to by understanding these guidelines on how to approach an essay assignment and have the opportunity to enjoy some of these benefits:

·         Have the opportunity to learn new skills

·         Control over your essay topic and flow of your essay content

·         Carry out research and identify the best material for your essays

·         You can be 100% certain that the essay is unique and original

Now you can turn your attention to the essay requirements and identify what type of article you are expected to deliver. The essay requirements usually dictate essential elements of your essay such as formatting styles, page count, and sometimes even the type of essay. The essay requirements can also guide you in narrowing down your options for your topic.

When faced with an essay assignment, more often than not, you will have to choose a suitable essay topic for your paper. The theme is an essential aspect of an essay assignment as it informs the reader what the essay is about at face value. An informative and inviting argument will likely result in higher grades as you will have displayed your ability to capture the reader’s attention from the get-go.

The next step as outlined above is the creation of a paper outline that fits into your schedule, allowing you to work on your essay during the time you are most productive and least likely to encounter any distractions. Creating an outline helps you write an essay that strictly meets all the requirements as stipulated in the essay instructions.

Using the outline you have just created, you can now assign yourself achievable deadlines to complete certain sections of the essay.  The schedule you come up with should allow enough time between completion of the writing process, proofreading, and presentation of the final draft. When breaking down your essay into more manageable parts, you should first understand that essays have a basic format, i.e., an introduction, a body, and a summary. Therefore, you should align your schedule with these three parts of an essay for maximum efficiency.

Then, before you start the writing process, you should first conduct in-depth research into the subject matter with the intention of collecting all the information needed to support your thesis statement and essay topic. After you have gone through all these steps, you are now ready to start writing your essay. However, you can still avoid all these steps and paw a reputable online writing company to deliver your paper to your unique specifications.


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