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The first question you want to consider is in the title of this article: Who is in charge, you or your mind? The second question is: does it matter? Third question: Whatever the answer to your first two questions, do you want to change your relationship with your mind? (That is, you want to improve by making sure that you fulfill your proper role of being in charge and that your mind fulfills your proper role of being a "servant").

The following describes seven simple, practical meditation techniques that enable you:

* To charge

* Resist your brain and stop the  Promind Complex Review outflow of your energy

* Enable you to use your mental resource capacity and use it effectively

* Stop feeling tired (even after a good night's sleep)

* Prevent yourself from compensating for problems (eg alcohol)

* Understand who you are and who you can be

Get away from your normal mind and experience peace and fulfillment,

* And a bunch of other benefits depending on your current situation.

If you need a definition:

* Meditation changes the mind and conscious "thinking" rests outside the mind and is in a profound state of awareness

* Meditation is the regulation of attention as a means of self-understanding and awareness

* The ultimate goal of meditation is to transcend the normal mind and experience peace and fulfillment.

This is a DEEP topic and here we can only offer "primer". Check it out more thoroughly. The seven basic and practical meditation techniques described below are simple to implement and provide immediate benefits (and it will do you no harm). Keep it up though, because the effects are cumulative. This technique gives you an entry point into this life-changing practice.

You can of course use all the techniques, or select one or two that match you and your needs. It is a good idea to have a technical practice a week in advance, to gain knowledge and get an experience for it before deciding whether it is not for you. Technology will increase efficiency and profit if you do the following:

* Daily Practice.

You want to prioritize your meditation practice, and make sure that you practice each day (at the same time. Exercise sunrise, sunset, and a good time before bed).

* There is a "special" place to practice.

It should be quiet, fun and secluded, where you can spend at least 10 to 20 minutes (long, good) e, practicing two meditation techniques at once, without interruption or interruption. If you wish, add carefully related flowers or incense or other objects to communicate with your unconscious and conscious mind that this is a high priority for you.

* Do some yoga.

Including some yoga asanas or tai chi or qi gong as part of your meditation process will be beneficial for both your benefit, your meditation, and your general health and well-being.

* RELAX, physically and mentally.

Technique 1 Meditate with your breath.

In yoga, the breath is sometimes described as "the string that controls the kite", the kite is the metaphor of your mind. Therefore, if your breathing is slow and calm, your mind will be calm in sync with it. In this meditation you breathe the diaphragm. How to use your breath to meditate:

* Sit comfortably, head straight and eyelids partially closed. Take rest |

* First of all, be careful to breathe as it is now, pay attention to it, observe

* If you are not already doing this, then start using breathing exhale in a calm and rhythmic manner.

* Set up the rhythm and slow it down now. For example, count while exhaling and exhaling slowly. Then count down to breathe. So, breathe in a slow count, exhale for a slow count, relax without a breath for a slow count. This is a goal.

* Pay full attention to your breath. If your mind wanders or you are distracted (internal or external), just relax your mind and breathe with concentration.

* Repeat for at least 10 rounds or as many times as you wish.

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