Many consider Fortnite to be an example from Sletrry's blog

Afterward, in this week's update to Battle Royale, a gravestone commemorating the event has been discovered in the exact place where the manslaughter took place, and the sufferer himself - Chappadoodle, as he is known at the match - shared his side of this story on the internet in a Reddit place.

Now, Fortnite fans around the globe are attempting to hold funerals for Chappadoodle, meeting at the gravestone - straight from the conflict bus - and momentarily putting away their weapons and pickaxes to buy fortnite items ps4 respects to a fallen comrade. Regrettably, not everyone has been playing well, and some are using these in-game parties as chances to rack up kills and generally cause more mayhem in a time that is assumed to be held sacred. Tut tut.

This specific misanthrope, by way of instance, was able to get 12 kills with some nicely placed explosives (before being quickly removed himself), while some other hapless player actually destroyed the gravestone itself, naturally enraging the nearby attendees and stirring up an indue skirmish.There have been some powerful institutes, and I am sure lots of civil interactions have happened unrecorded, but what would you expect?

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