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On the market today, there are many suppliers of various leather floor carpets and of course there are also many brands, different carpets such as rubber floor mats, plastic floor mats, carpets. 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D floors make you wonder what carpet to use. The following article will provide you with the most useful information.

 Types of car floor mats

Rubber car floor mats.

This is a carpet made of rubber material. Often used for offroad vehicles and taxis, grap because the price is relatively cheap. These rugs are usually self-cutting so installation or purchase is also quick. However, due to the rubber material, it often smells so many people feel uncomfortable. Because the carpet is self-cutting, it cannot cover the floor of the car. Dirt can still get into the floor of the car, not holding water will cause moisture to the molded floor of the car.

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5D car floor mat.

5D car floor mats are new types of carpets that have been used in recent years. 5D floor mats are always attracted the attention of many customers by being beautiful and durable. This product is an upgrade from previous carpets. This product is comparable to floor mats on luxury cars. The beautiful surface, sewn with more edges to create the luxury of the car, also helps people feel relaxed.

The carpet is made up of 5 layers: leather layer, soft foam layer, forming film layer, PE foam layer, rough layer. The upper layer of skin is also covered with 1 layer of antibacterial Nano, also helps to resist water, mold and moisture effectively. 5D floor mats also have a variety of designs and colors for you to easily choose. The mat is also secured with fixed fasteners that help keep you from slipping.

6D automobile floor mats.

6D automobile floor mats are actually a high-end version of 5D floor mats. The only difference is that there is one more layer of tangled rubber mats. This class helps you to clean the carpet 1 more thoroughly. When cleaning, it is also easy, you just need to remove the tangled carpet and spray water directly on the surface of the tangled rubber to be clean. This is a huge plus for the generation of 5D floor mats. Carpets also have many colors as well as types of puppets to help you easily choose.

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Hopefully, through the knowledge ONEAUTO share, you will be able to distinguish the different types of car floor mats to help you easily choose.














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