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The maintenance is completed adjusted 10:15 PM Pacific Standard Time (1:15 AM Eastern / 6:34 AM UTC). Cash items within your inventory have already been extended to pay the amount of time the experience was unavailable. Please log out with the MapleStory 2 Mesos Nexon Launcher after which back in before you decide to play the action.

We will likely be performing an unscheduled maintenance on Luna world only on Friday, November 18, 2016 at 7:45 PM Pacific (10:45 PM Eastern / 3:45 AM UTC). We anticipate the constant maintenance to last approximately a couple of hours, concluding around 9:45 PM Pacific (12:45 AM Eastern / 5:45 AM UTC).

Please observe that the estimated duration for each maintenance is at the mercy of change without notification.

Thanks on your patience!

What is going to be unavailable:

    Luna world only. The other game servers won't be affected.

Changes and Updates:
    Backend fixes will probably be applied to address the recent instability issues affecting Luna world. When you Buy MS 2 Mesos from MMOAH, you find out the process is very simple. On MMOAH you will find the best supplier who are guaranteed to send product fast against the best prices.
"The Ancestors speak using your clenched fists"
The Chieftain is targeted around fire damage with attacks and totems. He can greatly improve the utility of his totems, causing them to more resilient, taunting enemies they hit, and weakening nearby enemies, or boost his or her own fire damage with physical-to-fire damage conversion.
This build very cheap for getting going.And despite brigthbeak nerf it ought to be very fast clearer.Its tankier than elementalist however it can't eliminate the whole screen with inpulsas.

Pros & ConsPros

Path of Exile Currency

+ Tanky (plenty of regen, life leech and dmg mitigation)
+ Fast
+ Cheap
+ Can clear all content
+ SSF Possible
+ MF Possible (no uniques required)
- Blade Vortex Meta
- You are always near stuff you kill
- doesnt freeze or explode stuff
- can't run ele reflect without anti reflect rings
- no regen maps also hard
Skill TreeAscendancy
Ngamahu -> Hinekora ->Tawhoa ->Ramako
Oak for 20% dmg 1% regen (1.5% with Arakaali proc) and phys mitigation.
The Pantheon List
Major: Soul Of Arakaali
Minor: Ryslatha for early game and lab/shaper/elder andShakari for maps because poison immunity enables you to run that nasty poison on hit maps.
Passive Tree (Mapping setup lvl 95)
Gems Setup
Main: Blade Vortex-Controlled Destruction-Elemental Focus-Added Fire-Spell Echo-Combustion
Replace Spell Echo with Concentrated Effect and added Fire with Fire Penetration for guardian and shaper fights
Movement: in gloves with faster attacks link: Shield charge, Fortify, curse on hit flammability
CWDT: CastWhenDamageTaken-Immortal Call-Blood rage
Single Target Support: Orb of storms-arcane surge-combustion
Keep an eye out on arcane surge lvl in order that it matches the mana price of orb of storms. Cast this on bosses and each and every 8 seconds to refresh your arcane surge. For orb of storms lvl 20 its arcane surge lvl 7
Auras: Herald of Ash, Clarity (lvl 12 really should be enough should you use spell echo)
Curse Support Blasphemy-Enfeeble (defensive) or Blasphemy+ ele weakness (offensive)
Uber Elder Gear With MoM Version
Weapon:Opal Sceptre
Shields:Titanium Spirit Shield
Gloves:Titan Gauntlets
Rings and Amulet and Belt: Loath Coil Opal Ring, Entropy Turn Opal Ring,Citrine Amulet,Stygian Vise
Boots:Kaom's Roots
Flasks: Chemist Sulphur Flask of Adrenaline,The Wise Oak, Alchemist's Quartz Flask of Adrenaline,Lavianga's Spirit, Saturated Eternal Life Flask of Staunching
Without MoM Version
Weapon:You are able to use any melee weapon here. If you would like speed brightbeak continues to be bis otherwise have a shaper scepter with added physical as fire and spell/ele dmg
Shields:Go for life(elemental/spell dmg/cast speed
Gloves:Roll or invest in a pair of elder gloves with faster attack support to operate shield charge with curse on hit.
Rings and Amulet: Anything with life, resi, elemental or fire dmg. Cast speed is just not bad either.
Amu is really a good place to obtain the missing dex.
Belt: Biscos to the quantity and also the rampage is so perfect for speed clearing. For bossing use either an stygian or elder belt with life covery.
Boots:Anything with movement speed life and resi. If you obtain elder boots with fortify and movement speed, then you'll be able to put your shield charge combo in here.
Flasks: Chemist Sulphur Flask of Warding, The Wise Oak,Alchemist's Quartz Flask of Adrenaline, Lavianga's Spirit
You can level that has a melee skill until normal lab. You can try smite and link it to ancestral call and added fire or whatever you decide to like (its only for that first 4 hours anyways)
To level with melee grab the melee nodes in marauder grab Versatility and after that visit duelist area until life in the gladiator. Grab some weapon dmg nodes if the missing dmg. Then progress to your scion life wheel or more until elemental overload. (I posted a pob tree bellow)
On finishing library quest, get blade vortex, controlled destruction, elemental focus, blasphemy and flammability. Put them with your off hand to lvl.
Lvl with melee unless you get to belly with the beast 1. get a spell echo and link it with blade vortex controlled destruction and ele focus as well as your good to visit. After you get the gems ready respec your melee nodes to find the life nodes and avatar of fire.
You may also grab Diamond Skin should you run into resist problems or grab versatility and Precision should you run into dex problems. They also give you many attack speed to search faster
Blood Rage/CWDT IC and Soul of Arakaali interaction
We have blood rage and cast when damage taken immortal call, so everytime ic procs we stop taking dmg over time and acquire 50% incr recovery rate, thats an insane regen and leech boost we are, right when we'd like it. It also works for your flask. 30% less shock effect and duration and 25% chaos dot res can also be not bad.
Double Curse
When you begin doing elder maps lookout for gloves. If you locate a pair of elder gloves roll it with alts and soon you get the faster attack support. In trade league its probl easier to purchase a pair. Now you are able to respec into double curse and run enfeeble on blasphemy and support your shield charge with curse on hit and flammability
Lab Enchants
If your in trade league you are able to try to acquire a helmet (pref starkonjas) with blade vortex enchant (its not necessary the crit one). If you want to Buy POE Orbs, please continue to keep an eye on MMOAH.
Compulsion is usually a dubious form of pleasure, yet it's what action-RPGs do well at. With their slow levelling curves, gradually unlocking skills and swelling hordes of foes, Diablo, Titan Quest, Torchlight and today Path of Exile all try and ensnare as opposed to instantly delight.

The 15-year-old formula has barely evolved, but remains effective. You must always begin in rags, punching zombies with the bare fists in many gloomy town, because any grander beginning would curtail your slow ascent to godhood. A start anywhere more glamorous when compared to a dark field or Path of Exile's grey beach would limit the triumphant moment 12 hours later once you annihilate a 20-strong giant spider POE Currency brood and think returning to those first moments. Sometimes you will find folk waiting beneath yellow exclamation marks to provide quests and deliver lore points in tiny boxes of text, but mostly you punch, loot, level up, equip your stolen gains, grow strong and slowly mould your bedraggled vagrant to a killing machine.

It's a character arc of sorts, albeit one plotted on the sound of your thousand repetitive mouse-clicks, but that comes having a quiet satisfaction of a unique, a a sense of incremental achievement earned over much time. If you value that feeling, Path of Exile would be the 200-hour time sink you're in search of.

Your adventures take place around the cursed continent of Wraeclast. Each with the immediately playable character classes have already been thrown beyond their cushy homelands for assorted unimportant reasons, and must now carve out a whole new life on their own, slicing up a huge number of monsters in dark dungeons.

The game is provided for free-to-play, and wonderfully generous by using it. The microtransaction store is virtually entirely stocked with cosmetic effects that produce your weapons glow, or give your character new emotes. There will also be a few convenience upgrades like expanded item storage, that you won't need and soon you're very seriously bought maxing out some characters.

I mention this now because the experience's granular skill system, and that is based over a huge amount of individual skill nodes, could so easily happen to be monetised to death. Grinding Gear Games needs to be commended for keeping their store outside of Path of Exile's integral game mechanics.

The Final Fantasy series serves just as one unusual method to obtain inspiration just for this skill system. Levelling up provides a point to spend around the levelling board: a massive and daunting maze of connected nodes, each representing a stat increase. You plot training across this board by spending levelling points to ignite adjacent nodes. Powerful gold-encrusted variants are scattered in some places, offering major stat buffs that will help you specialise your character.

I spent almost all of my time levelling a Duellist, a dexterous but powerful rogue type. He's one among Path of Exile's seven classes, which includes the magic-wielding Witch, the powerful Marauder, long-range specialist the Ranger, a Templar who's efficient at both whacking and zapping, a lithe assassin called The Shadow, along with the Scion, a professional class that you need to play the sport to unlock. Your class denotes your starting position for the levelling board, which positions you near class-relevant buffs. Dexterity classes just like the Duellist may have a short day at dualwielding and bow nodes, while magical classes like The Witch start nearer to magic-power bonuses.

The Scion is challenging because she starts within the dead centre in the board, between all classes, but that means she will become an excellent hybrid of your respective own design once you understand your way around.

The best thing in regards to the board is it links every class to some other class, which suggests I can eventually guide my Duellist into mage territory with plenty of levels. Plotting a path through every one of your advances also gives a satisfying visualisation of your respective character's progress, though I'd like to glance at the impact of this progress for the battlefield. Most nodes present an incremental stat bonus that only slightly raises the efficiency of one's slaughter. Every +10 dexterity buff I illuminate makes my hero hit ever-so-slightly faster, but I need to wait until I reach among those golden nodes, using plump 20% buffs, to relish noticeable knock-on.

It's a theorycrafter's paradise, however. The Path of Exile forums are filled with players peddling their latest character ideas. If you have bored of tailoring your builds and would like to fast track, you may sample the Duellist's 'Facebreaker build using Infernal and Dominating Blow', or go to have an 'Explosive Arrow Marauder', or numerous others, each carefully given over by other community members. Good knowledge of the builds is well rewarded by Path of Exile's very popular community races, which challenge participants to rush as far as is possible through the action in a two-hour sprint. It's a clever method to generate a sense cohesion among disparate adventurers, and encourages players to come track of inventive highspeed characters.

These extensive character development choices well supported because of the skill system. Your character's abilities aren't unlocked around the levelling board, they take the application of skill gems that drop once you kill enemies and finished quests. You can use a skill inside the field as long as you've the relevant gem slotted for your weapons or armour. Linked equipment slots enable one to use support gems to alter your skills. For example, my Duellist's area-of-effect Cleave ability is in a very slot connected into a support gem that infuses it with extra frost damage. These crystals gain levels as well as you, progressively more powerful the longer you could have them installed.

The formation of slots gouged into each part of equipment will be as important because the stat boosts they convey for a character, but these might be rearranged with certainly one of Path of Exile's large variety of, loose time waiting for it, orbs. Orbs reshuffle the magical properties of a specific thing, re-roll the amount and formation from the slots it's got and upgrade ordinary things to uncommon or rare ones. Orbs be sure that every part of equipment that drops could very well be useful for a build, and therefore are the centrepiece of Path of Exile's barter economy. There is no money here. You exchange items for orb fragments which could combine to create functional item modifiers.

The cleverness behind this rethink of staid action-RPG systems extends on your health and mana potions. No longer you have hoard them in hundred-high stacks. Instead you carry five magical flasks that refill with every kill. Inevitably, these flasks might have magical properties of these own, which increase the volume of health regenerated plus the speed when it regenerates.

Beaten track

Path of Exile strives up against the influence of their recent competitors. The muted locales and exquisite claustrophobia of the dungeons reject Torchlight's exuberant visuals. The intensive, detailed levelling options defy Diablo III's relatively straightforward choices. Path of Exile is able to capture gamers alienated by Blizzard's new direction, although like its controversial older brother nevertheless requires an internet connection to experiment with.

It also can't match the visual splendour and satisfying feedback of Diablo III. The combat improves following the first few hours after you start fighting large and varied swarms, but occasional lag and dsync issues can send your slashes throughout monsters, and also the varied and plentiful attacks don't have the apocalyptic thwunk of PoE's big-budget competitor. That could be because the engine lacks the physics capabilities to render responsive ragdolls. It's still entertaining to wade through PoE's larger mobs, however the combat isn't quite best-in-class.

The plain fields and character models look just a little dated, as well as the gear design stays firmly inside the boundaries of Path of Exile's grimy medieval aesthetic. That suits the sport's deliberate insufficient glamour, but limits the tactile pleasure of equipping ridiculously powerful kit. Extraordinary gear doesn't look extraordinary here, but for all those already defer by Blizzard's famously enormous spiked pauldrons, that defintely won't be a a dangerous thing.

If you play action-RPGs being a cathartic power trip, to slam into monstrous hordes watching their bloody bodies ragdoll along the scenery, then Path of Exile will seem dry. It's not an activity about instant gratification, it's really down to slowly forging an inventive character over three acts and three difficulty tiers. Once it offers its claws in, Path of Exile can be as compulsive because other from the genre. After some hours the combat becomes automatic. The objectives are moot, the quests, characters and creatures incidental. Every stab and slash is service with the real journey across that vast levelling board. Every 500 to at least one,000 clicks fires up another node, as well as the little warrior mannequin takes another step away from like a template and toward something that's uniquely yours. MMOAH is the top platform of in-game service all around the world. All clients can buy your satisfied POE Orbs from MMOAH with cheapest price.
Path of Exile's community looks for being quite formidable before the free-to-play ARPG's full release. It's been in open beta since January, getting some impressive numbers from players seeking a resume Diablo 2-like loot and XP mechanics. Topping which is Grinding Gear's announcement today it's amassed 2 million registered accounts ever since the open beta began in January.

"We're really thrilled with Path of Exile's reception," Grinding Gear Producer Chris Wilson says in the press release. "It blew our expectations beyond the water and continues to cultivate every day. The continued feedback and support from POE Currency fans may be great. We expect you'll add many new content and features through the open beta period as we approach full release later this season."

What's Path of Exile's secret? Perhaps it's Grinding Gear's resolve for designing a game title its staff want to learn themselves and modeling it after hardcore elements obtained in Diablo, Titan Quest, and Dungeon Siege. Maybe it is the studio's smart decision to hand out content free. Or it just could possibly be the work of each and every class' colossal passive skill tree stretching across your monitor such as a carpet packed with candy. It's likely all from the above, and Grinding Gear isn't scaling down on adding new abilities and items leading up towards the game's full launch later in 2010. When you buy POE Trade from MMOAH, you find out the process is very simple. On MMOAH you will find the best supplier who are guaranteed to send product fast against the best prices.
Grinding Gear Games has announced that it is working on what will be the new expansion that will receive in the coming days 'Path of Exile', one of the best RPG that can be found now, and will be 'Incursion'. What will characterize this new content above all is the addition of the new Incursion Challenge League.

In it we will accompany the explorer Alva Valai in his search for the ancient treasure temple Vaal, Atzoatl. Together with her, she will travel to the past to locate the location of this place that houses all kinds of riches, unique objects and many more rewards for all those who dare to enter it.

Each time the players meet Alva, this will open a time portal to visit this temple POE Currency while it was being built. However, it will not be possible to stay there as long as you want, but visits will have a time counter that can be extended based on killing the creatures and enemies that inhabit their halls and rooms.

Each of the twelve Temporary Incursions will serve, apart from to acquire a large number of objects, to influence its content in the present. In this way, the actions will affect which rooms will appear in the current version of the temple. For example, in the past it will be possible to locate keys that will only serve to open doors in the future.

Along with all this new objects, letters, a dozen new gems, more skills and also have been redesigned some of those that already exist, modifying their effects, mechanical and other aspects. In addition, along with the expansion, two Collaborator packs will be enabled with exclusive armor sets, effects, titles and much more.

The expansion 'Path of Exile: Incursion' will be published on June 1 in its PC version and those who have the game of Xbox One can be done with it from June 4. MMOAH is the top platform of in-game service all around the world. All clients can buy your satisfied Buy POE Items from MMOAH with cheapest price.
For most new Maplestory M players, leveling up is a very important step. With a higher level, your character can learn stronger skills and wear stronger equips. At the beginning of the game, you can quickly upgrade the level by completing the main line quests. But after a while, the experience with the quests will not be enough to upgrade the level. At this time, you need powerful equipment to challenge the boss. You need to buy these equipment at the auction house, but you need a lot of Mesos. If it is too difficult for you to get a lot of mesos in a short time, you can choose to spend some cash to buy some.
MMOAH is widely recognized by people for its perfect gaming official website. It is more secure and more fast than many other websites for their quality customer service. You will become loyal clients once you buy cheap Maplestory M Mesos from the store.
There are a lot of game currency stores on the internet. To find a trustable Maplestory M Mesos online supplier is not something easy for virtuality of cyber space. However, MMOAH is the only place where you can be rest assured. When you spend amount of money to Buy MS M Mesos, you must choose a safe and trustworthy gaming website such as MMOAH.
Even if Maplestory 2 is merely four months old, nonetheless, a multitude of gamers are already expect to the Maplestory 2 edition of the popular MMORPG game. At this earlier, players are already giving suggestions about features that should be added in the next iteration of the online game.
In MMORPG, especially for Maplestory 2, Being a good player involves disrupting your opponent's concentration. Don't let them get comfortable. Your defensive moves must be aggressive and executed properly. Other players should not influence the moves you make.
Playing a RPG game is half skill and half owning the best equips within the game. The first part you can solve on your own MapleStory 2 Mesos, as for the weapons and dresses purchases you are going to need a lot of Mesos. But if you do not have the will or the time to grind for them for hours, you can simply go to a trusted Mesos supplier like MMOAH in order to buy cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos for a very low price.
Trusted sellers like MMOAH generally focus on selling cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos in order to fufill the requires of players. By the way, MMOAH will offer you a very reasonable price, this site is a very good place for you to both buy and sell MapleStory 2 Mesos for sale. Still want to know more? Contact the customer service at any time.
Fans of popular PC MMORPG, MapleStory, will likely be treated in the end in this month with an action packed crossover event featuring the hugely successful Evangelion anime movies.  The characters from Evangelion have travelled using an inter-dimensional rift for the Maple World and players will likely be tasked with helping them return home.

During this MapleStory X Evangelion event the Evangelion heroes (Shinji, Rei and Asuka) are lost inside the Maple World and players will must interact using them by enjoying, and completing, daily quests.  Completing these daily quests may help the MapleStory 2 Mesos heroes be a little more familiar using the world they result in and also provide players with EVA Coins which is often spent on little while items.

The MapleStory X Evangelion features:

    Evangelion Coin Shop – After completing Evangelion-themed events and quests, players will earn EVA Coins to trade set for limited-time items including chairs, medals and in some cases permanent equips;
    Evangelion Style Boxes – For a short time, players can get special surprise boxes with accessories and outfits to be seen up their MapleStory character in Evangelion style;
    Exclusive Items – Players also can purchase special random boxes and open them as much as find Evangelion-themed items including androids, and also purchase hair coupons made to look much like characters from Evangelion.

This completely new crossover event will start about the 28th February and run prior to the 27th March. When you buy Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos from MMOAH, you find out the process is very simple. On MMOAH you will find the best supplier who are guaranteed to send product fast against the best prices.
In an apologetic message, Grinding Gear Games announces with regret that Path of Exile will not be able to make its debut on PlayStation 4 in December, as originally hoped.

The studio acknowledges its wrongs by underestimating the amount of work needed to complete the builder's POE Currency certification process during the busy Christmas season. Today, the studio thinks that everything will be ready in January but prefers to play security by scheduling its launch in early February 2019. This delay will also allow developers to further optimize the technical quality of the portage and in particular its fluidity. "Once again, we are really sorry and we promise that Path of Exile will be impressive on PlayStation 4 when it is launched early next year," reads. The initial plans of Grinding Gear Games were to release this PS4 port shortly after the new expansion that will debut December 7. When you buy POE Orbs from MMOAH, you find out the process is very simple. On MMOAH you will find the best supplier who are guaranteed to send product fast against the best prices.
The upcoming league of Path of Exile, which is nicknamed "Betrayal", brings some new features: new masters, Atlas Objectives, and the Immortal Syndicate are just a part of it. In a subordinate clause, the developers had also announced something they did not explain - scarabs (Scarabs).

Because in the blog entry to the new masters the sentence "Note that you can use Sextants and trade for Prophecies or Scarabs to run Delve more frequently". Translation: "Note that you can use sextants and get prophecies or scarabs via POE Currency trade to make Delve missions more often". The joke of it is, however, that up to this sentence has never spoken of a scarab.

The community was at once puzzled what the beetles in Path of Exile will be. In the days following the announcement, the developers have repeatedly published small teasers via Twitter, for example, a 3D photo shows models for scarab trinkets:

Scarabs as powerful tools for the atlas of Path of Exile

But now the beetle is finally out of the bag: the scarab is an object that players can apply to the maps of the atlas. This places them next to orbs, which make cards less frequent and sextants that add more effects to the card. On Twitter, the developers of Grinding Gear Games revealed how the effects of the scarabs can look like:

Possible scarabs in the Betrayal League of Path of Exile

Lead Developer Chris Wilson has also revealed details about the scarabs in the subreddit of Path of Exile: they drop out of the crates of the living area in the Immortal Syndicate shelters. Players can get three different variants, depending on the rank of the corresponding syndicate member. We influence this through our actions before attacking the safehouse. For the best scarabs, so also effort is needed, but we should also be able to influence the amount of scarab in a safehouse.

Path of Exile's Betrayal League will launch on December 7th for PC and on December 14th for PS4 and Xbox One. For more information on the Grinding Gear Games action RPG, visit Path of Exile's theme page. Now more ways to buy Cheap POE Currency, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.
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