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A new MapleStory based mobile game was announced today by Nexon, beneath the working title of “Project MNP”. The trailer released showcases a blend of tower defense strategy action and card game elements, inside the style of Supercell’s Clash Royale.
Maplestory 2 Mesos
The new MapleStory based mobile game revealed today is Nexon’s third mobile title to draw within the MapleStory universe. It will continue with the releases of Pocket MapleStory a year ago, and MapleStory M, soon to become launched in South Korea during the 1st quarter of 2016. However, Project MNP needs a different turn in gameplay when compared with its predecessors, which were dedicated to transposing MapleStory’s original desktop experience into a satisfying mobile version. Project MNP is scheduled for launch in 2016, and will likely be available for both iOS and Android platforms. MMOAH is the top platform of in-game service all around the world. All clients can buy your satisfied MapleStory 2 Mesos from MMOAH with cheapest price.
Sometimes I have a head ... Is it because of my second last name? Can be. The fact is that I have not yet tried 'Path of Exile' despite having downloaded the day he debuted on Steam. Yes, on October 23, 2013. And I have no excuse, that since then I could have given him a few hours.

Although being sincere, with so much game I had already forgotten about him. And thank goodness that is now news again, which has just been updated on Steam receiving its first expansion (or mini-expansion, rather) Sacrifice of the Vaal. A DLC that, of course, is completely free. Great!

Grinding Gear Games tells us in Steam all that it brings, but we already summarize it:

    A confrontation against a new leader: Atziri, a queen of the ancient Vaal civilization
    Vaal skill gems: to Buy POE Currency enhance abilities by consuming the souls of enemies
    Corrupt secret areas: with ancient relics
    The orb of Vaal: to sacrifice our objects in pursuit of obtaining greater power
    New leagues of challenge, invasion and ambush, with lots of new monsters
    Cut-throat mode: where we will hunt and skin each other in another competitive league

    Arena PvP Free-for-All

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Although Path of Exile can't contest with Diablo using a story level (this can be a story-light game presently), it certainly holds its own inside the looks department. The Xbox One version of the sport runs at 1080p and 60 frames per second (FPS), with dynamic resolution making an effort to Buy POE Currency maintain a steady framerate. The demo version we played had occasional frame drops, though the developers decide to wipe these out by launch. Shop on MMOAH is safe and convenient where you can enjoy the wonderful shopping experience. With the fast development of world internet technology, they can provide cheap & fast POE Orbs
In the end on the final week, Path of Exile announced upcoming expansion Path of Exile: Delve. Alongside this update, Introducing numerous graphical improvements that includes an update to your water technologies to make it flow far more realistically around atmosphere objects using a fluid dynamics simulation that calculates flow dependant on terrain geometry.

Leading priority when implementing these improvements ended up being create positive that this new water shader is non-blocking to Buy POE Currency the rest of the gameplay code. This means it runs in the background free of affecting gameplay or loading instances. The water updates will run additional efficiently compared to present water tech in the overall game and should not trigger any frame drops.

Discover the infinitely deep Azurite Mine's depths to extract treasure and uncover its subterranean secrets. This expansion capability an infinite dungeon and Socketable currency things, too to be a bunch of new unique items, talent gems, balance modifications, graphics engine improvements and a lot more! Please check out your announcement page, watch the trailer and check the new supporter packs!

The Delve League:
In Path of Exile: Delve, you're going to delve in the Azurite Mine's infinite depths to extract treasure and find out its subterranean secrets. Our latest expansion capabilities an infinite dungeon and Socketable currency things, as well like a bunch of new exceptional items, talent gems, balance adjustments, graphics engine improvements plus more!

The Azurite Mine:
Left untouched for further than 250 years, the Azurite Mine is consumed using a malevolent darkness that cast the Eternal Empire. Niko, an inventor, has harnessed the potency of Voltaxic Sulphite to develop a machine named the Crawler that may pierce the darkness. Delve in the mine but don't leave the Crawler's light for lengthy or else you are going to become crushed with the darkness.
The Crawler will accelerate for those who get ahead from it.

Discover The Dark:
The Azurite Mine is packed with treasures for people brave adequate to risk the darkness for quick time periods. Use flares to venture farther away from your Crawler's path, and dynamite to destroy unstable walls which conceal increased rewards.

Azurite Upgrades:
Any Azurite you obtain in the mine may be traded to Niko at his base camp. In return, he purports to upgrade the Crawler and may sell you flares, dynamite and crafting materials to assist your exploration. Have fun in shopping on MMOAH. Players can Buy POE Items from MMOAH, with fast delivery, all-weather online.
Earlier recently, Grinding Gear Games, the developers of free-to-play dungeon crawler Path of Exile, stopped by to present us a peek at the modern expansion. While I was missing any hands-on time with Ascendancy, I walked away which has a few impressions and particularly what you may anticipate when it arrives during the early 2016.

In Ascendancy, players have the opportunity get chopped, screwed, disintegrated, and customarily rearranged in new ways thanks towards the addition of The Lord’s Labyrinth. The labyrinth is meant to get a hefty challenge—die once therefore you'll need to start over—but completion causes some hefty rewards, including use of new item enchantments, gems, exotic items, and a brand new specialized Ascendancy class.

Six new trap types can have up in varying combinations based on what type of labyrinth is generated tomorrow. That means sawblades can get paired with spike traps a single section, while the subsequent throws in timed rising lava pool here there. Even the developers don't quite know what to prepare for. There will be a brand new labyrinth each day, and it is layout will be the identical for everyone. This could lead players to Buy POE Currency regularly share info on dungeon layouts and secrets, almost being a daily crossword or sudoku puzzle. I'm into your idea of playing for just a short session every day, just to discover what the labyrinth has in store. Despite the extra challenge, it's really a welcome play style for newcomers or those without much down time.

Ascendancy feels being a nod to popular permadeath games like The Binding of Isaac. The randomly generated labyrinth’s rooms are gated by switches, keys, and a variety of mechanical contraptions. There could possibly be more doors than keys, so choosing which door to open and once seems a significant decision. Magical fonts hidden throughout give no indication of whether debuff or buff you before they're absorbed—it can be a blend of both. Some paths can skip whole sections (even boss fights) entirely, that is certainly, if you pays enough attention. A secret door could be accessible, but only beyond several thrusting spike floors over a timer and roaming sawblades. It sure is challenging to scrutinize a wall while metallic blade hacks away at the legs.

The expansion sounds being a nice method to mix up typical dungeon crawler play. The traps, secret branching pathways, and permadeath might force players to remain on their toes a bit in excess of before. Most people I know who play dungeon crawlers ordinarily have Netflix or possibly a stream open within the other monitor, but Ascendancy might disrupt those habits.

Finish the labyrinth and also you unlock an Ascendancy class, one among 19 smaller, specialized skill trees layered within the existing (and absolutely massive) skill tree. Ascendancy classes feel as if an attempt for making each build, regardless of how elaborate, play in a very much more distinct manner. Take a gander in a few below, to investigate our video reveal from the Saboteur up top to obtain a better understanding of what they entail.

The final kicker? Path of Exile and its particular expansions are typically still free. The only things available are cosmetic items and also a few account features, like extra stash tabs or character slots. Check your official site for further. Now more ways to buy bargain POE Items, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.
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When players come to the Auction house, they will find that the price of rare and powerful equipment is usually very expensive. Some Maplestory M Mesos obtained through the mission is not enough to pay, which is a huge problem for the players. If you don't have strong equipment, it will be difficult to defeat the enemy in a high-level dungeon, especially when facing bosses. At this time, the player's upgrade speed will be reduced, and the real fun of the game cannot be experienced. Fortunately, the emergence of MMOAH has solved the problem of Maplestory M Mesos. You can buy a lot of Maplestory M Mesos directly from MMOAH's online store for a small amount of money, and it's very easy to increase your combat power. Not only that, MMOAH also supplies Maplestory M Items that can be enhanced. Most importantly, the price of MMOAH's Maplestory M Mesos is updated daily, and they ensure that the price is the lowest on the market, thus providing the best service for players. MMOAH has earned the respect of the Maplestory M players.
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Celebrate the weekend with twice the fun. Level up and power from the weekend with 2x EXP & Drop!

This event will stack with 2x EXP Coupons and 2x Drop Coupons, and that means you could earn 4x EXP and 4x Drop throughout the posted times!

    Keep an eye around the top of the screen to the scrolling 2x EXP & Drop announcement or Maplestory M Mesos perhaps the left side of one's screen for your 2x EXP & Drop icon.
    This event can be purchased in both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds.

Join us on Sunday (UTC) for many special perks! All day long, you are able to enjoy this benefits:

    Receive 2x the Arcane Symbols in the Arcane River daily quests (Vanishing Journey, Hungry Muto, Morass).
    Receive 2x Coins from Arcane River daily content (Dream Defender, Spirit Savior).
    The Dream Defender and Spirit Savior daily coin limits are doubled!

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The MMORPG centered on customization MapleStory 2, recently become positioned on two platforms: Steam and Nexon. This suite dependant on the original game starts that has a group of big-headed characters in a very world of blocks to party and fight enemies and big titans (such as the one presented inside the launch trailer below). below).
Maplestory 2 Mesos
The publisher Nexon reminds fans from the genre this second version is the class Runeblade, that's added to your previous classes (Archer, Assassin, Berserker, Heavy Gunner, Knight, Priest, Thief and Wizard). In farmville, classes and a lot of customization options try for making each character unique. On the opposite hand, world authoring tools allow players to change the environment from the form of blocks. MMOAH is the top platform of in-game service all around the world. All clients can buy your satisfied MapleStory 2 Mesos from MMOAH with cheapest price.
MapleStory 2, the latest leading unengaged to play MMORPG inside illustrious and vibrant setting of Maple World, has officially hit 2million account downloads, a week after its launch. MapleStory 2 is obtainable for download globally on Nexon Launcher and Steam.

Since its official launch, MapleStory 2 has become one of the most popular MMORPGs on Steam along with a beloved game for 2million players because unlimited customization, quests, as well as fun community. Due to its MapleStory 2 Mesos rapid growth, the sport continues to increase its servers, specially the Oceania server, where player population carries on exceed expectations.

To celebrate the occasion, MapleStory 2 will hold various events to commemorate the achievement and thank its players.

MapleStory 2 1 Million Player Celebration Events:

    Double Bonus Item Drop Event: Starting Friday, Oct. 19 on and on until Friday, Oct. 26, players are able to earn double bonus items from normal adventure dungeons.
    Special Weekend Login Event: Beginning Saturday, Oct. 20 until Monday, Oct. 22, players with Lv. 60 characters could have the opportunity to obtain two gifts. Players who login between Saturday, Oct. 20 and Sunday, Oct. 21 will get a Style Crate. Players who login between Sunday, Oct. 21 and Monday, Oct. 22 will get 500 Red Merets. More details is available here.

Starting today, MapleStory 2 can be hosting various Halloween themed quests, dungeons, and in-game contests until November 8. Players who solve the murder mystery for the Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel and take care of the Stamp Event can collect Pumpkin Coins and exchange them for special Halloween themed items. Lv. 10+ characters, also can obtain a “Pumky Nest” item in their house by completing quests for furnishing items. Players can claim rewards such as the Bouncy Pumky Mount, Little Pumky Pet, and Perched Pumky. You can keep eyes on MMOAH which is essentially the most reliable activity store to Buy MS 2 Mesos online.
The Mana nodes in Mind a lot more than Matter got nerfed. Rather a whiplash, but skilling a crucial Mana node as an alternative to Buy POE Currency two tiny life nodes need to even this out of the home.
Past that, no buffs to traps or Saboteur, mostly maintaining it all on the same.
Maybe a distinctive or two is likely to be handy, while I keep my  low.
+ Can run quite much any Map mod (Despite the proven fact that no Life and Mana reg can be considered a significant pain)
+ 'Mandatory' gear is low-cost
+ Rapidly screen-clearing
+ Can have a decently higher life and ES pool (5k+ life and two.5k-3.5k ES(Based with your equipment)
+ Atziri, Izaro and High Tier Maps aren't problem!
+ Can handle you'll find Guardian! (See Videos for every single beneath)
+ Shaper was viable! (See Video below)
+ Loads of exciting to try out!
+ Absolutely everyone loves a Shocker!
- Viable for HC, but is frequently a pain in early stages, because this construct does become reasonably squishy ongoing.
- Mana heavy without Mind in excess of Matter, meaning you desire a Mana Flask when you never ability it.
- The higher volume of giant Shock Novas and Ice Traps might get on one's eyes swiftly

- Your fingers will get stiff from continually revealing the keyboard

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